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legal declarations - stupid question


feeling a bit embarrassed about asking this question but I've never been to a UK wedding before so I have no idea, lol.

We will be having a civil ceremony at a register office. When making the legal declarations (we want the traditional ones) do I have to include our surnames or not?

I mean this part

"I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I..........may not be joined in matrimony to............"

Do I have to say "why I, Stefanie G may not... to Daniel E. P. R." or just "why I, Stefanie may not ... to Daniel E. P."?

I obviously do have to include his middle name and his third name as well, don't I?

(I don't have a middle name, so no trouble there).

Please help me out, I don't wanna ask the superintendent registrar imageops:

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  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840
    I'm pretty sure that you state ALL the name ie :

    AMY beth Smith. Hope this helps...xx

  • Bride74 is right, you have to say your full name, although if you are having a civil ceremony you can write your own vows as long as they have no religious references at all. You say these as "ring vows".

    Don't feel daft about asking the registrar, I have been married before and still had to ask whether I will have to sign the register after with my current name or my new married name!! (its your current name if you also wondered about this!!)
  • Thanks MrsJonsey2b and bride74!

    It's all so different in the UK compared to Germany where I grew up - actually, I must admit that I was pretty shocked by how easy it all is over here image

    Thanks MrsJonsey, I didn't even think about how to sign the register (in Germany you sign several times and they tell you which name to use, but you already have to declare what surname you will be using after your wedding when you give notice anyway). Will take far more than six months and three trips to London anyway till I can get my passport changed - oh, I know why I'm not living in Germany anymore - bureaucratic nightmare! ;o)
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