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Church music - organ or CD?

Hi ladies, I have just had this months copy of Brides magazine and it came with a free CD of classical music including Wagners wedding march. I love a few songs on here and have decided I would like the wedding march as it sounds on the CD rather than the organ and the same goes for the music during the register signing and the walk back up the aisle. Do churches allow this do you think? I know they have a CD player cos I go to church now and again and sometimes the music is played by CD rather than the organ. I think a friend of mine walked down the aisle to Boyzone years ago! but wonder whether each vicar might have his own thoughts? xxxxxx


  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Hi rachael, yes each church/vicar does things differently. I wanted recorded music played for me to walk up the aisle to, but my church and priest wouldn't allow it, but ours was a Catholic wedding and in my experience the Catholic Church seems to be a bit more strict about these things. If they've played recorded music in the church before then I think it's quite likely that they will let you do so for your wedding, but I'd check with your vicar because they do all have different rules. Good luck and I hope he allows it for you!
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    Me too! He is a strange one and I have been told he is quite strict but seeing as we sung hymns to recorded music I guess he cant be that bad, dont want to bother him just yet as dont get married til Oct 08 but I like to be prepared! Thanks for your help x
  • ShimmsieShimmsie Posts: 568
    I asked at our church about having a CD played whilst guests are arriving. I was told that the sound system is not very good and given that it is quite a large church, they recommended having the organist play as the sound is so much better and fits the acoustics of the building.

    Even if you are allowed to use a CD it may be worth finding out what the quality will be like. Singing can sometimes drown out poor quality music. Just a thought.
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