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Music theme during civil ceremony

I am desperately trying to come up with the music we want for during the cemony. we have opted for Il Divo "Eyery time I look at you" for me walking down the isle. I want a few other songs during the service and the signing of the register. Do you think I should stick with the Il Divo theme or would other songs fit. I don't want it to sound all disjointed. Help!


  • i????m having the song "the very first time ever i saw your face" at my civil wedding its got very appropriate words and the melody is nice also. you could mix things up by maybe having some instrumental pieces aswell as actual songs. everything el divo might be a bit more like a tribute then a wedding although i do love their stuff aswell i think its always good to mix it up.
  • Thats such a beautiful song Spanishbride...i was going to have that, but i heard the entrance of the queen of sheeba on the harp, and decided straight away that was the one, and managed to bully h2b into letting me have a harpist play throughout the ceremony! Can't wait
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