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order of serivce for a civil ceremony

is anyone having a order of service type thing for a civil ceremony with music and readings printed?


  • katepukkatepuk Posts: 106
    We're having an order of the day with the main timings and locations - ceremony, canap????s, photos, dinner, fireworks etc and we're printing off the words to either our reading (h2b and I are doing a joint reading) or the words to the song as we leave the room (All you Need is Love - Beatles). I think they make a nice keepsake for the guests and I wanted to keep it fairly formal even though it's not in a church. It's up to you what you put in it and whether you have them.:\)
  • after reading what you said snoflake28 i am now thinking perhaps it mighty be an idea to do an order of service afterall.
  • SUEDIVASUEDIVA Posts: 1,716
    Were doing one too. Think it helps keep ppl in the loop if you know what i mean. One wedding we went to also had the table in there's, so no need for a big huge one as you go in to sit. Plus putting readings in and who they are by, the wedding breakfast menu, any surprises you have, the time they can book into rooms or have an hour free before evening guests arrive, could even put in time of first dance. Gosh the list of info could go on haha

  • I too am doing an order of service even though it is a civil wedding. One of the reasons was I too wanted to keep it pretty formal. I am going to include pretty much all that has been suggested (order of day, readings etc.) but also who is who in the wedding party with little photos of them. This way everyone will know that Kim is my CBM and Marc/Chris are the BM etc.! One way of getting everyone to know exactly who the VIPs are!
  • thanks for your suggestions i think that i will have a go at making one.


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