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Calling all Orchrdleigh Brides

Hi Ladies

I need some help.

When my h2b and i first started looking for venues we were set on having a civil service untill we came across Orchardleigh.

We have booked to get married on Monday 26th May 2008 at St Marys Church on the estate after falling in love with the romantic and fairytale setting.

We have one problem though, as we live in the midlands and always have we need to be residents for at least 7 days in order for us to marry in a different area.

If anyone else is in the same boat could you please let me know where you are giong to stay for the week? A cootage on the estate is far too expensive for us and local hotels are working out just as expensive.

Your help and advise would be great.

Many Thanks



  • alexatm8alexatm8 Posts: 111
    Oh Kerri i'm so jealous! What a fabulous venue! I went to a reception there two years ago and it was just wonderful. The views are stunning and the little chapel in the grounds was so quaint and beautiful!

    Not sure what to suggest with regards to accommodation but there are b&b's in Frome itself which are around the £30/40 per night mark. I can't remember the name of the one we stayed in, but i am sure if you google b&b's in Frome it should bring something up and then you can give them a ring. If you have to come down for the week maybe you could try and negotiate a deal. If you include their details in your wedding invitations for example, refer your guests, i'm sure an independent b&b would be open to a bit of negotiation.

    Best of luck, let us know how you get on!

  • evening

    chat to the orchardleigh planners - when we visited it as a proposed venue the chap explained a way to 'get around' being a non residentimage
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