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All Advice on Catholic Wedding Much Appreciated!

Dear all, firstly I'd like to say that as the comments on this forum have been extremely helpful to em so far, and that they have made planning my wedding that bit easier.

I'm a London H2B and I'm getting married in July 2008 to my finace who is from China. My parents got married in a registry office, her famiy have no knowledge of Western weddings, my family in London are all Chruch of England and at 24 non of my friends are married so I have no idea how to prepare or a Catholic wedding, except from what I've seen in films and on the telly.

There are 3 specific questions I have to ask but all advice on weddings would be much appreciated. We've already got a church and reception venue and a date, but the rest is yet to come.

1) Can we register in the church on the day of the service, or do we have to go to a registry office beforehand?

2) Is it possible to register say 2 months before the wedding (to apply for a visa earlier perhaps so she can change jobs) or does it havr to be much closer to the date of the actual church serivce?

3) Has anyone had to deal with the new Certificate of Approval that came out in the last year or so, whereby non-EU citizens have to pay the Home Office £300 just for the right of the non-EU person to be able to get married in the UK?

Any info on the Catholic ceremony would also be great, like do we need to choose songs to walk down the aisle etc???

Sorry for asking so many questions, but all help would be much appreicated.



  • CoireCoire Posts: 63
    Hi Olly, I'm having a Catholic wedding, haven't spoken to the priest properly yet, but from what I understand so far:

    1) I think many priests can register the marriage, I know when my friend got married at a Catholic church last summer she didn't have to go to the register office

    2) You can arrange the wedding up to a year in advance. The priest will probably want to meet you and your fiancee a few times before the wedding, to make sure you're both eligible to marry in the church, and to make sure you understand what you're undertaking.

    The priest will answer all your questions with regard to the ceremony, but whether you're having a full Mass or just the wedding ceremony, you will probably have a few hymns.

    I don't know if you can find the wedding service if you google it, but if you get a Missal, it will be in there. There's also a good book called 'How to survive being married to a Catholic', whilst it doesn't tell you about the ceremony, it's a good introduction to the Catholic faith. Another useful site is

    Your priest is the best bet for getting all your questions answered though....

    3) Haven't a clue I'm afraid!

    Hope that's helped a bit!
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