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What Your Music for the Wedding?

Hi All,

What music are you having for your ceremony and first dance?

I hav 9 weeks to get mine organised and need to make my Order of Service so your help would really be appreciated.

We are getting married in a united reform church if this helps with your suggestions.

Many thanks x


  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539

    Probably cant help you too much with the ceremony music as we're having a civil ceremony with:

    Entrance: Bohemian Rhapsody on acoustic guitar.

    Register: Instrumental version of Bat out of Hell (Philharmonic Orchestra)

    Exit: ?

    But... for our first dance we're having an instrumental version of 'Come Away With Me' by Norah Jones as its a really nice waltz.

  • mrsj2008mrsj2008 Posts: 763
    Fab taste in music, I love them all, especially Norah Jones x
  • DyllypopsDyllypops Posts: 102
    We are getting married 9 weeks today in united reformed church. We are having 3 hymms. The first is Bring me joy, second is Jerusalem and the third is Lord of the dance song but it is actually called something else. When we are signing the register the Choir are gonna sing two songs. Ava Maria and another one which i havnt decided on yet. I hope this helps you.
  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538
    We are having a civil too

    As guests enter and seat: For the love of a princess from Braveheart

    Walking down the aisle: a piece of music from the computer games Shenmue2

    Signing the register: What you are from computer game Lost Odyssey.

    Exit: The Imperial March (Darth Vader's song)

    First Dance: Fade Away by Seether.
  • d7pd7p Posts: 298
    We're having a religious church wedding & now have the entrance & exit music sorted. I'm walking in to Liebster Jesu, Wir Sind Hier by Bach and we're leaving to a toccata by Dubois which sounds a bit like the Widor toccata but is just a bit different! We wanted to move away from the more traditional entrance & exit music. Our hymns are Love Divine, Be Thou My Vision and Tell Out My Soul.

    All good stuff!

  • We are having a Civil Service. As part of our ceremony package we get a pianist who will play our music.

    For my entrance I am having Wim Mertens Close Cover

    For the signing of the register we are having Can you Feel the Love the Tonight and for the exit we are having the Bridal March.

    We confirmed these on Friday as we had a meeting with the pianist to discuss the music and readings.

  • MancityMancity Posts: 672
    hi - not sure yet but a collegue if mine has written a tune for me and h2b called promises and he has recorded it on an accoustic guitar. i cried when i heard it for the first time last week. now i just need to talk him into playing it for us live at the wedding!!!!
  • becsjdbecsjd Posts: 4
    I`m in the process of deciding fast as only 2 weeks 2 go..!!

    options are

    Bind us together lord.

    Father although I cannot see.

    Father I place into you hands.

    Jesus put this song into our hearts

    The greatest thing in all my life.

    Will your anchor hold.

    all of these songs have allot of meaning to them, some about good and bad times, staying together through it all, we want songs with meaning, they are worded in a way that could talk about our lives as well as a christians.

    as for the rest of it, first dance especially we`ve still not got that far... lol

    hope this helps x
  • mrsj2008mrsj2008 Posts: 763
    Thanks everyone for your help. There are some really sweet meanings in your songs x
  • Dear d7p

    Leibster Jesu is my favourite piece of organ music by Bach! I sneak it into church services whenever possible! Well done you!

  • d7pd7p Posts: 298
    Hi Musiccharlie,

    It is a beautiful piece! The organist at church played it during communion last Sunday and I had to fight back the tears! I wanted out music to be something the organist would enjoy playing while at the same time moving away from the traditional wedding music album! I am a music teacher and so the music is one of the most important aspects of the ceremony for me. Just now need to think what sort of ensemble we should have for the reception......

    Glad to know someone else on here likes the Bach and can play it!!



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  • nuts43nuts43 Posts: 12

    Front runners so far are

    First dance - Never saw a Miracle/ Curtis Stigers

    Second dance - Just for you/ M People

    Entrance music - Theme from Once Upon a Time in America

    But list is altering by the day:\?
  • Hi d7p,

    I am a music teacher too!

    Did you know that your piece of music was used as the first piece of music at the Queen mother's funeral? Very dignified.

    Hope this doesn't put you off, because its a simply wonderful piece.

    91 days to go!
  • Were having Arrival of the Queen of Sheba for processional, Flower Duet for signing of register and Wedding March for recessional...all for a civil ceremony in a hotel. Am slightly unsure about the Wedding March, as its a bit over the top for a civil ceremony, but grin like a loon every time I hear it and think I'd regret it if I went for something a bit more understated.

    I'm really lucky that we've got a family friend who is a pianist doing classical "plinky-plonky" stuff (as he put it!) on the piano for guests coming in, and then his magic keyboard thingy plays organ music for processional and recessional!! Nearly wet myself with excitement when I found that out!

    He's also doing some more modern love songs and showtunes (were a big theatrical family) during the entire meal on piano as well. Cant wait! xx
  • d7pd7p Posts: 298
    Hi - Musiccharlie, I wasn't aware of the link between my choice & the queen mother's funeral but it hasn't put me off - I still think it's wonderful & just perfect. It's a huge contrast with the Dubois & that's what we were aiming for!!

    You can email me if you'd like to chat about music, teaching & all that goes with it!

  • Hi dyp

    my email address is [email protected] if you want to get in touch,

    charlie x
  • Hi b2b's

    Can anyone help? I'm trying to sort out music for our civil ceremony, I don't want to go down the traditional route as it doesn't seem quite right, I've found music for my entrance but am stuck for anything else.

    Anyone got any ideas
  • BevversBevvers Posts: 650
    My music choices are changing by the day. Here are a couple I like

    From this moment - Shania Twain

    Truely Madly Deeply - Savage Garden

    I do (cherish you) - 98 degrees

    Songbird - Eva Cassidy

    Heavan - DJ Sammy

    The first time - Leona Lewis

    Greatest Day - Take That

    & I could go & on x
  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
    oh my god im sooo having problems with my music i love all love songs but hubby has stated nothing soppy er helloo its a wedding but he just wont have it!!

    only song we have part agreed on for first dance is dj sammy heaven slow version and thinking of leona first time ever i saw your face to walk into. but dunno!!! aaarrrghh!
  • Hi,

    For hymns we decided to have Lord of the Dance, Morning has Broken and The Lord's my Shepherd (although we did have doubts about this because I associate this more with funerals!) We originally wanted Jerusalem but the vicar said NO!!!! We're going to have What a wonderful World, because it's beautiful and has the added advantage of being slow enough that we can just smooch around and don't have to dance. image
  • oryxukoryxuk Posts: 151
    I'm having Jerusalem cos it's my favourite hymn of all time (why did your vicar say no bathsheba309????) I'm also having The Two Fatherlands (I vow to thee my country) and Make me a channel of your peace.
  • Hello ladies. I think music is so important! Our wedding is ages away (Sept 2010) and music is already stressing me out!

    We are getting married outside under a pagoda in the gardens of a country hotel, they have speakers concealed in the trees and bushes so you can still have music.

    So far I have chosen my entrance music - There For Me by Sarah Brightman and Jos???? Cura (I love the words and get teared up every time here it!) and we've chosen 2 tracks for signing the register - The One by Elton John and Better Together by Jack Johnson. Then we quite fancy You are my Destiny by Lionel Richie to walk out to (H2B is a huge Lionel fan!), but I think we'll have completely changed our minds by the time the wedding comes round!

    We're stumped on a song for our first dance, we met in our late teens when we were into going out clubbing so "our songs" are pretty inappropriate unless you can see us dancing to Delerium! We both fancy something upbeat and unexpected that still has meaning so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    All your choices so far sound fab and have given me some ideas so thanks girls xxx
  • BevversBevvers Posts: 650
    My friend had Flip & Fill "True love never dies" for their first dance - quite strange but very appropriate for them xx
  • I'm having a chapel wedding, not sure about hymns and entrance and exit music yet, but signing the register i'm hoping to have some singers to sing Songbird like this
  • JCJ2BJCJ2B Posts: 51
    I'm struggling with the music to walk in to. We're having a civil ceremony and it is going to be a pretty short walk. What are other people doing about this?

    Our first dance will be to "Deed I do" by the Hot Club of Cowtown because we love it.

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  • Jared2Jared2 Posts: 1

    Picking music can be pretty challenging for a couple reasons - it's hard to know exactly how much music you need in each part of your ceremony, and it's also difficult to know which songs can be used for which parts. There's a new tool that can take your style preferences and generate a suggested ceremony playlist based on your preferences at - it's the Style Quiz at the top.

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