I'm in need of your help, I am 28 years old, photographer who is just stating out and is looking to get into wedding photography. The problem I'm facing is I need to make my own portfolio in this field on which i am starting to do but I need to gain more hands on experience before I can ever think of doing this as a full time job.

So I'm looking for any one who is getting married in 2008/2009 in the Kent area if possible or near by who would let me photograph there wedding. In return I would give you any photos I take for FREE. You will not have to pay me. Even if you already have a photographer you have nothing to lose and gain more photos of your day. Just think of me as another guest?

If you are interested in my offer please let me no my email is

[email protected]


  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    what a lovely offer! all the brides in that area should snap your hand off!

    i would if i was in your area!

    sabina x
  • ginihayginihay Posts: 392
    Is Essex too far?
  • sabbieuksabbieuk Posts: 37
    just being a bit cheeky really but is bedfordshire to far
  • clindleyukclindleyuk Posts: 776
    What a great idea! i hope your portfolio fills up quickly!
  • Hello,

    We are in Kent but we are getting married in Wales unfortunately.

    However, do you do portraits? I'd like to get a nice portrait of my family done (myself, partner and our young son). I'm quite happy to pay a fee and for you to use the results for your portfolio!

  • fj11fj11 Posts: 190
    Hello i live in bexleyheath kent and i dont mind if you wish to come and take some pics. I have emailed you.
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