£8 per head for...

a glass of bucks and a few peanuts!!!!!

I asked my hotel if they could possibly do a few nibbles and a punch bowl for my guests while we went off to do photos. Got back to me this morning to tell me they can't do a punch bowl, but they can do a glass of bucks fizz @ £3 per head or pimms @ £3.50 per head and then £5 per head for nibbles, i only wanted a couple of bowls of peanuts and crisps!!!

SOOO they have just lost out on potential bar take as we are gonna phone the pub over the road up to see if they will do it for us.

The hotel has piddled me off, we are already paying £350 just to have the ceremony there, so what 45mins then we are having our reception elsewhere. My mum figured that not everyone will want the punch so will buy a beer at the bar so they would of been getting more money from that, and they have just lost out on it all! GRRR

Sorry just needed to GRRRRRRR lol


  • sueian3sueian3 Posts: 938
    To be honest £3 for a glass of bucks fizz is what you would pay and what are they offering for your £5 per head for nibbles?? Canapes at my hotel cost a lot more then that? (seriously thinking about not having them)

    Maybe it's because you are only having your ceremony there and going elsewhere for your reception.
  • ChammyIRLChammyIRL Posts: 538
    but still £5 per head for some peanuts and crisps, thats all i said i wanted. I knew that bucks fizz was around that price, thats why i asked for a bowl of punch.

    If it weren't so damn expensive to have a reception there then i would of done, but being on a budget means i have to go elsewhere.

    GRRRR lol i used to work there too so i thought maybe, just maybe they would of cut me a deal. lol
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