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Hi Ladies,

I'm currently in the process of putting together our order of service booklets. We're having a civil ceremony and so far I have a sketch of the venue on page 1, a list of the bridal party etc. on page 2, order of the day on page 3, I ran out of ideas after that. What has everyone else put in there, any good ideas??

Thanks in advance! ex :\)

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    Hi, the vicar marrying us (my uncle actually) has suggested we print out our readings in the order of service of booklets - as a memento for us and others that can't attend, and also for those that do attend but may not be able to hear the actual readings.

    We're also thinking about having a thank you to all our guests for attending on the last page. Still thinking about that though. Hope that helps x
  • We did a thank you page on the back page...tahnking families, BM's, ushers etc.
  • We have friends that are doing our readings, and we added a short little bit in about how we met that particular person...
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    oooo, I wasn't going to do this as we're having a civil ceremony (so no need for hymns etc).

    Do I need to reconsider?
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    We weren't originally going to have them as we're not having a church wedding but then we decided that as we're getting married overseas we want to have some booklets to give to elderly relatives etc who can't make it over. Also, I just really wanted an excuse to buy more stationary!! Don't think they're a necessity though x
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    We put table of contents , order of the day - what was happening when, order of service, the words to both hymns were printed out, and both readings, who was in the wedding party, the menu, and directions from the church to the reception venue
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    I must confess that we were't going to bother with them either, but the samples our stationer had were so beautiful I thought 'sod it'!

    Lots of good ideas so far, I'm def going to put a thank you note on the last page.

    Keep the ideas coming! It would be great if any newlyweds could share theirs! ;\)
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    Here are a few photos

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    we went a bit over the top and are having 12 pages!!

    Order of the Day p2

    Order of Service p2

    Poem (H2B's choice) p3

    Yes, I'll Marry You p3 (poem my choice - This is really fun, don't know if you have seen it but it sums up our relationship!!)

    Wedding Breakfast Menu p4

    Wedding Traditions p5

    Seating Plan p6-7

    Meet the Wedding Party p8

    About the Bride and Groom p9

    About the Venue p10-11

    Special thanks...p12

    we might make it shorter but i quite liked all the meanings of the traditions etc and i really wanted the poem in there coz it is really fun! and by then we had too much for just 1 sheet of paper so had to keep adding and you have to add 4 at a time!!

    we might take the seating plan out as we will have a big one anyway but we will see!! i have quite a while left to go before i need to decide!
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    Hi Spunky chick, can't see your pics!
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    okay, I'll try again
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    they are lovely colours! di you put both coloured ribbons through each booklet?

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    We put 1 coloured ribbon in each, so some had pink and some had green, as my mother was chief assembler and self appointed queen of crafts, she vetoed my request to do some with both colours.

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  • Hello, here are some pictures of order of service / wedding programmes and a list of content ideas: http://tinyurl.com/6odr3l xx
  • Hello, here are some pictures of order of service / wedding programmes and a list of content ideas: http://tinyurl.com/6odr3l xx
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    Thanks sugar blossom, very helpful!
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