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On a Tight budget so heres my homemade...

Wedding Post Box

We have asked for money for our savings rather than having a gift list and had pondered on where the guests would put their cards etc so we decided to make a wedding post box (you can buy these but it can be expensive )

Am so pleased with it as im so rubbish at making things!!


  • MrsFlowerfairyMrsFlowerfairy Posts: 6,800
    thats lovely! it looks really professional and its really tasteful, well done!
  • wow that looks brilliant! Well done you, you should feel proud of your craftiness (is that a real word?!) lol anyhoo absolutely gorgeous xx
  • tinksyuktinksyuk Posts: 1,672
    very nice hun! im debating making one so people can put things in as we would like gift vouchers! what sort of box did you use to make it from? xxx
  • Thanks girls im very proud of it,

    Tinsky - i used a cardboard box from tescos . i saw it on the shop floor, thought it would be the exact size i wanted so emptied the stuff out and took it home!!

    Tanya xx
  • tinksyuktinksyuk Posts: 1,672
    hehe dont get banned from tescos lol!!!

    Ive still got a year to go but i shall be searching the floors of tescos around then!!!! You have the same little bits of colour scheme as well as me!xx
  • delightfulukdelightfuluk Posts: 737
    Thats really good!
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    Aren't you clever? x
  • clairesoloclairesolo Posts: 200
    love it, what a great idea!x
  • WOW!

    that looks fantastic and what a great idea!

    We are wanting money towards a honeymon rather than presies as we already live together so have everything we need really. I was wondering how this could happen i know there are websites you can sign up to and then your guests can log on and deposit money but these can be expensive to sign up so your idea is great!

    I think i will deffinitely be having one of those but as i am rubbish at stuff like that i think i will have to get you to come and make it for me! lol!image


  • MrsRainbowUKMrsRainbowUK Posts: 1,150
    That looks fab, well done!

  • Tinksy - i had better not get banned , im in their all the time picking up wedding bargains!!

    Kathy - Glad you like the idea of having one , in regard to making one please do give it a try, im am really not an arty crafty person but because its my wedding i thought id try to make something and ive took my time etc (normally i rush everything ) and its happened to turn out well, if you dont try you never now, this one was suppose to be my practice one byt hey presto its the one were having! xx
  • kazzy47kazzy47 Posts: 264
    have you got a size veiw of the box so i can see how big it is, or what type of box what product was in the box be able see how big it was then, did you just buy some silver paper on a roll or what did you use, im on a tight budget and its not like something you can sell after if you brought one, well done anyway looks lovely
  • Hi mrscruella

    I havent got a side view of box but it had childrens rolls of craft paper in it. Its about the size of 4standard shoes boxes high if that makes sense??

    I bought some ivory coloured wrapping paper from tesco £2 a roll

    Tanya xx

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  • kazzy47kazzy47 Posts: 264
    think this is wha she was showing us some table names she has made they are lovely Pics/P6280009.jpg

  • kazzy47kazzy47 Posts: 264 Pics/P6280009.jpg

    try this lol wont let me edit so had to do it again
  • Aww thanks girls , really having trouble posting pics like you have done for me. How do you do it??

    Tanya xx
  • That looks really good. Very tasteful. I have just bought a post box and it cost £17. and there is nothing on it. I have to decorate it myself boo hoo!

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