Hi, Im a newbie!

Think im doing things the wrong way round as I am here from TTC in babyexpert lol.

I have got to learn to navigate my way around this site.

Anyway, just thought I would say "HELLO" ;\)



  • MrsRainbowUKMrsRainbowUK Posts: 1,150

    be careful though, this site is very addictive!

    How are the plans going?

  • kwillsukkwillsuk Posts: 5
    Hi babymonkey - I'm a newbie too!

  • ProudMummy1ProudMummy1 Posts: 215
    Hi babymonkey - i was a newbie just last week and i've become sssooooo addicted to this site already - everyone seems really friendly and helpful so i'm sure you'll be fine.

    When are you getting married?

    Kelly x
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