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We are supplying our own alcohol for our reception and so don't want to run out! How much do you think we should allow per person? We are having drinks for approximately 2 hours, then wedding breakfast and then about 3 hours dancing in the evening. Any help gratefully received...


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    OOh thats a hard one. I couldn't really say but you'll have to overbuy just in case i would imagine. We are having a Pimms and Champagne reception for 2 hours i have bought enough Pimms for 4 glasses for every guest and 2 glasses of champagne, mainly because we know that most of the boys don't drink the champagne. We have a bottle of wine per person, which i think is overkill as our bar is open from the start of the reception, but in laws bought it, so there choice. Our bar company are sorting out the the rest of the drinks and we had to tell them what everyones favourite drinks are.

    I think it really depends on how much you want your guests to drink and how much they would usually drink. Is there anyway you can get the alcohol on a use or return basis. My inlaws bought all of our alcohol in France, the pimms was £10 cheaper so a hell of a saving. My mum organises Charity balls where there is free bars and advised against because of the sheer waste, people taking drrinks putting them down and getting another instead of just finding the one they had.

    Where are you having your reception?
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