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Hatton Garden - any recommendations?

Good evening ladies, I hope you don't mind me interrupting your wedding planning...

I got married last year and when we got engaged I designed my own ring, at the time I wanted something different so I had a very thick, heavy scatter set band ring with diamonds all the way around made and hated it almost as soon as it was finished. We have had a baby and by lucky chance my ring no longer fits (have been quoted over £400 to have resized due to setting), the husband has admited that he doesn't like it either and very kindly offered to take me shopping for a new ring.

Did any of you purchase your rings from Hatton garden and is there anywhere that you would recommend?

Also I would love to know what you chose and how you chose it (don't want to be too nosey so please don't feel obligated to tell me) .

It has to fit with my eternity ring which is platinum with square cut sapphires and baguette cut diamonds, I really want to get it right this time so a bit of help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much


  • lucywarrenlucywarren Posts: 53
    Hi Lottie&Neve. I got my ER (and also WR this weekend) from Eric Ross.

    We originally spent the morning on Bond Street looking for inspiration - check out the Tiffany post in the BBB forum. I then had a fairly good idea of what I was looking for. When we got out of the cab at the bottom of Hatton Garden we had no idea where to start but we knew we were looking for someone who sold individual stones. We plumped for Eric Ross and went in for a chat. The guys (and girl) in there are great fun, don't mess you around and don't over-do the sales pitch. They also have a treasure trove of beautiful diamonds which they will let you pore over.

    Before you go in, establish your budget as this is key to the size vs. quality question. Don't forget if you're not sure, walk out, get a cup of coffee and try somewhere else.

    Oh and enjoy yourselves! x
  • kellielizakellieliza Posts: 75
    we bought my engagement ring and our wedding bands from Raphael in Hatton Garden, after narrowing down the style on Bond Street. My ring was made by hand to our specification, and we chose the stone. We saved 50% on a similar ring at Boodles. Everyone comments on how pretty my ring is, and the saving meant we could get a top quality stone. I'd recommend going to see the Bond Street jewellers first though, as they'll be more than happy to ply you champagne and help you find the style and setting you like. On Hatton Garden the service isn't quite so indulgent. Good luck!
  • IggyLouukIggyLouuk Posts: 198
    My engagement ring came from A&S Jewellers in Hatton Garden:

    h2b bought it and said they were fantastic - the diamonds are conflict free - and I had to have it re-sized which they did in an hour.

    this is my ring:

  • AlexFinnAlexFinn Posts: 1,646
    Hi L&N, I'm not sure where my H2B got mine, I will find out the name but I would definitely recommend Hatton Garden because I love my ring. H2B picked out the diamond and the setting seperately so my ring is competely unique. He did so well bless him, I can't make decisions so I don't think I could have picked something that suits me so well if I tried!

    Have fun down there, and let us know how you get on. xxx
  • I can highly recommend Simon Lewis Diamonds. It's just a workshop, not a shop front... You'd probably need an idea of what you want, as they don't have loads of rings on display. They are really good on price and design & make all their rings on site. ... Actually a lot of the shops in Hatton G get their rings from this place.
  • CSWBCSWB Posts: 732
    I can highly recommend Simon Lewis Diamonds. It's just a workshop, not a shop front... You'd probably need an idea of what you want, as they don't have loads of rings on display. They are really good on price and design & make all their rings on site. ... Actually a lot of the shops in Hatton G get their rings from this place.

    Mr E-ring is from there too! And my wedding ring will be image

    My h2b dealt with a guy called Chris (my dad has been going to him for years for my mum's jewellery). Isn't it the weirdest place? It's like a school science classroom!

    It isn't a jewellers - just a workshop - so you won't see it as you walk along hatton garden, but they make amazing rings (you can even spend the day there in their wedding ring workshop and make your own! But we're not doing that).

    My h2b went along with a price of what he wanted to spend and went from there.

    It's worth making an appointment and going along for a chat - coz they'll write you out a quote that you can come away with (which is what we've done with our wedding rings). Good luck xx
  • CSWBCSWB Posts: 732
    Mrsltobe, what is your wedding ring like coz if your avatar is your e-ring then it looks the same as mine! x
  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    Hi All,

    Sorry to sound like a real diamond bore here, but H2B and I did a lot of research when choosing my E ring and found some interesting things...

    When you choose a diamond, the '4 Cs' are very important, and a good guide as to the quality of the stone, but are really just a starting point and there is quite a lot more to it.

    Whilst I am not doubting that you can get a bargain by using diamond dealers, bear in mind that 2 stones with identical '4 Cs' may in fact differ greatly in their quality due to other factors.

    Technical factors, (that I'd never heard of before) such as the depth percentage, table percentage, crown angle, presence (or absence) of a cutlet, girdle thickness, symmetry of cut, and whether or not the stone has any fluorescence are all very important. These factors (or more accurately, the combination of these factors) will really affect the look of your diamond.

    Whilst some characteristics are 'better' than others, lot of it comes down to personal taste. for example with my ring, I was aiming for a clean, contemporary look, so we chose stones that were as colourless as we could afford, but to some people, my ring might look a bit 'cold'. If you are going for a more vintage-y feel, (e.g. radiant, or cushion cut) a stone with a bit of colour (H, or I) will give the stone a lovely 'warm' look.

    If you have a stone with a relatively large table percentage (where the flat bit at the top is large relative to the width of the stone) it will give you a very 'bright' stone, as lots of light will be able to escape. If you choose one with a small table percentage you will have a stone with more 'fire' ('rainbows' of light)

    Fluorescence is really important if you have more than one stone in your ring. If you have more than one, they must all fluoresce the same amount (and the same colour), or else the ring will look a bit odd.

    I confess that in the end this was all too complicated for my tiny brain so we chose a 'name' jeweller. To be fair, you do pay for the name, but quite a lot of the mark up is due to the factors that I listed above (well, the fact that somebody else has already worried about them on your behalf)

    I suggest doing a lot of research on the internet before you buy - and have fun trying on all the pretty sparkles!!


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  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    gosh, that's the longest post in the world! can anybody tell I have time on my hands at the moment! image
  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    I really enjoyed it SQ, i kept pausing and looking at my sparkler all the way through!!

  • LXH100LXH100 Posts: 777
    so did I Clonny, still don't know what it all mean though!

    H2B did all the research, it would have been too much for my brain to handle.

    He used John Lawrence and was very happy with them, they seem like nice guys and I am very likely to get my w-ring there.
  • orphilea1orphilea1 Posts: 399
    LilBee that is where my engagement ring is from. They are both such nice guys aren't they. I went to choose my wedding band a couple of weeks ago and as its an unusual shape, most of the jewellers couldn't suggest anything and told me to look in the window.

    JL came up with three designs, all of which looked great with my ring. So many people were waiting outside to see them that they must have a great reputation xx
  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    My h2b used Arlington & Co in Hatton Garden and loved them. He chose the stone and setting with their help - I love my ring so they should be worth a look too image
  • lucywarrenlucywarren Posts: 53
    CSWB - it's similar to one by Bulgari (and someone mentioned Boodles has one similar too). Mine's a 1.5+ ct Emerald cut stone with two smaller baguettes. I love it!!

    Sounds like a few of us have excellent taste!
  • LottieNHLottieNH Posts: 140
    Gosh that is a LOT of info lol! Thanks for all of your help, I think I have narrowed it down to an Emerald or Cushion cut diamond so am going to book a long weekend in London to try some rings on.

    Thanks again

  • PenukPenuk Posts: 1,121
    I recommend the wedding ring workshop. Again this is where they will make the ring on site which actually works out much cheaper then normal. I think my ring was purchased for about £1800 but we have had it valued at above £3000. So if you know what style you want I would say go to a workshop to get it made. My H2B said the people in the shop were great and very easy to deal with. If you are choosing it together I would reccomend going to a jewellers and trying on different styles to see what shapes suit you. You can then go and pick your stone(s) to fill it in the studio. Goodluck and post a picture of it when you are done. x
  • CSWBCSWB Posts: 732
    The weddingringworkshop, the diamond shop and Simon Lewis jewellers that ladies have mentioned on her are actually the same place! So we all have great taste!!

    MrsLtobe, Tiffany also do a ring exactly like ours - it was the tiffany picture that my h2b took to TheDiamondShop to show them what he wanted!

    What sort of wedding ring are you getting to match it?? xx
  • Me and my fiancee decided to go to Hatton Garden to look for an engagement ring. On recommendation from a friend we went to Ivan Dvorak Jewellery and I’m so glad we did. We met Zuzana - the company designer/jeweller who immediately made us feel at ease in their company. Their passion for their job is very apparent, as is their wealth of knowledge. She helped us through each step of the ring designing process and gave us a much more personal service than you would get at most jewellers. Her craftmanship is first class and I we are now the proud owners of the most beautiful engagement ring that people always pass comment on. I cannot thank the guys enough and would recommend anyone looking for special unique and contemporary ring. We will definitely be going back for our wedding bands! Dan and Rachael

  • Claire31Claire31 Posts: 1

    Another vote for Eric Ross. No hard sell, they'll let you walk outside to view the diamond in natural light and they worked with our budget, which we initially thought would be too low for anything in Hatton Garden! Ended up with a very sparkly D-grade diamond which I absolutely love.

  • Hi, my engagement ring and our wedding rings are from John Wyatt.  A small intimate jewellers who are friendly and know their stuff.  My FH designed my stunning ring with them and was presented with a range of diamonds (sad to have missed out on that bit!!!). 

    This is a traditional, typically small Hatton Garden jewellers and I would highly recommend them.


    I hope you have fun finding your new ER!



  • mai8mai8 Posts: 6

    hi mine was from‎

    I finally got to meet simon yday and he was lovely

    finally understood why my fiancé went with him in the end....excellent customer service and willing to find the perfect diamond you want.

    some places refused to find the diamond my finance wanted unless he paid upfront but simon was willing to

    if you do go, tell him Johnny Fiancée told u


    good luck 

  • Mine are from Solitaire and I can't rate them highly enough! H2B got my engagement ring from there after spending the whole day going into every single ring shop up there (poor guy!). He said from speaking to so many different people in the shops, they were the ones who not only gave him the price he wanted, but actually spent a good couple of hours with him and were massively helpful and knowledgeable. We went back earlier this year for our wedding bands and I totally see why he chose them, they were brilliant. I had to send my engagement ring away with them for them to mould my WR to fit, and I totally trusted them to look after it along the process, and it was back on my hand within a week. Pic below!



  • Hi, my beautiful engagement ring was from Daniel Christopher Jewellery at 16, Greville street Hatton Garden.The owner Daniel is a sweet guy who help my boy friend and i through the diamond buying process.  A professorial family business and i would recommend them to anybody.

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