help?... i might have to plan my wedding from Shanghai?

oh my goodness..... my h2b came home last night and announced that he has been offered a promotion, but that entails 12-18 months in China. Having lived in India together for 2 years, i know its an amazing experience being ex-pats, but the lead up 12 months to our wedding is really not ideal. hes finding out more info today hopefully.... as at the moment you all know as much as me!

does anyone think its do-able?x


  • HannabelleukHannabelleuk Posts: 1,134
    Absolutely! You just need a decent planner or contact at home (mother, sister or friend if you trust them) and fly back occasionally. Think of the wonderful fabrics you could get in China to make your dress and BMs dresses!

    I wish my h2b would look at jobs abroad. He said he doesn't want to leave his family, but he never sees them! Apparently, it's the ability to see them that is important lol
  • yeah i should try and look at it more positively. and my mum would absolutely love being chief planner - bless her. thanks girls x
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    Of course you will. We are organising our wedding from outside of Britain (although not sure if the Uk is where we will choose in the end). I am just planning on flying out every few weeks to check on progress (it could work just trusting the wedding planner, but I am a control freak). Have you looked at the visa requirments though, if you are not married yet.
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    Hey Princess,

    I live in Dubai and have been planning my wedding from over here. All I can say is thank goodness for the internet and skype!

    We moved here a year ago, fortunately we had managed to book the Church and Venue prior to our leaving. If you do go I'd recommend that as you don't want to keep having to come home searching for venues.

    Our venue is one that does everything for us, which was something I wanted as I didn't want to have the extra stress and worry of sourcing tables, chairs etc from out here.

    On the plus side I got my bridesmaids dresses made out here which were a fraction of the cost at home and a perfect copy of the design I wanted in the colour I wanted!

    Also jewellery will be cheaper we were lucky and got our wedding rings made out here and I know for certain it would have taken our whole ring budget back in the UK.

    Honestly it really hasn't been too difficult, and I think I've coped rather well, I think if I'd been at home I would have been up to all sorts where as here I've just been able to switch off.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hi Princess- well done to your H2B!! I think it can be done. I know it is far but with email everything is so much easier. Also you may be able to use the time in China to get some great ideas. Good luck and let us know what happens today x
  • louise1981uklouise1981uk Posts: 1,031
    By the way what was India like to live in, we are thinking of moving there
  • WideBrideWideBride Posts: 111
    I'm planning my New Zealand wedding from here so its definitey do-able. And wow, what a great opportunity! As Hammabelle said, if you have a reliable girly here to do anything that requires face to face contact you'll be fine. I have done most things over the internet and had a flying visit back recently to meet all the suppliers and organise a few bits and bobs and its been fine - in a weird way perhaps even less stressful as you're not inundated with choices and having to visit lots of different suppliers/locations etc!

    And you've always got us!! x
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    well done for your h2b Princess, I echo what has been posted before, you can defo do it, anyone can plan a wedding from anywhere in the world. The internet and word of mouth and recommendations are your friend!

    If you need anything, I am sure the ladies on the site will be able to help or point you in the right direction!

  • thanks for the confidence boost -

    beardman - wow i love dubai... you lucky thing! and yeah have got venue booked already, so wouldnt have to worry about that search. in fact have quite alot of the big things sorted... its just all the details that i was worried wouldnt be manageable. but im prob stressing too much as its not even definate yet. just came as bit of a shock!

    louise1982 - india was fabulous, although we were very well looked after by my h2b's company. we lived in Bangalore (expat hub of india) where have you been looking at? is it through your h2b 's work, that you have been looking? people are lovely, very funny and generous, but like anywhere you have to be careful too. i volunteered in an orphanage whilst i was there, which was a very humbling experience.

  • louise1981uklouise1981uk Posts: 1,031
    W do not have any specific ideas really, just thinking about going somewhere a bit different. most of my contacts are in Dehli though.
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  • SAKSAK Posts: 9

    I'm planning my wedding which will be in Copenhagen and a reception in London from Dubai.

    Also on a super short time line, got engaged end Jan and wedding end July.

    Have done everything using Google,  forums, Facebook, Instagram (for make up artists, photographers and videographers).

    Outfit definitely cheaper due to good quality tailors and materials available.

    I've got family in both countries but tbh i've done most of it myself just by searching and reading reviews. 

    It's definitely doable, only thing I miss is getting excited with family & friends, we try and speak via Skype to discuss instead.

    Good luck!

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