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Hi ladies,

Can I have some advice please? I have been at my job for a whole two weeks (I know it's not that long but I am very impatient) and have been given absolutely nothing to do yet. I have been given a stack of papers to read which are full of three letter acronyms which I don't understand and nobody will help me with.

I spoke to my line manager to find out my role and was told that it'll be quiet until October so to keep reading. I am so bored, I can hardly take any of it in!

I can't work out whether it is worth sitting here going stir crazy for two months or whether I should consider that if an organisation can't be bothered to create work for you for when you join that it may not be the best for long term career progression. Which, incidentally, it isn't anyway - having been told at interview that there was plenty of chance for progression I have now been told that there is no chance of promotion for 4 1/2 years!

Am I just being a big old whingebag who needs to put up, shut up and get my head down (reading - woo hoo), or if I am already disillusioned at two weeks should I consider cutting my losses?

Thank you, in advance for your advice.

And sorry for posting when others have bigger dramas and it has nothing to do with weddings. I could really do with arms length advice on this.


  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    Hey hamma.

    I'm probably not the best one for advice here since I have had only one job ever and nine years later am still here... but

    Often, if we take people on to do a new role, it's usually because we have identified a need at a certain time. By the time the recruitment process goes through we tend to have someone joined waiting for something to do... but at least they're in wait for when that tiem comes round again. In the meantim they are bored and reading up etc and that means that when the time comes they wikll be more than able to help. Then after that one time, they have proven themselves and shown they are capable people start to rely on them a bit more and unload stuff.

    So, I would say put up and shut up - for a bit longer at least. There's no point quitting now with nothing else to go to. If it's still awful come October then start looking for something else and leave when you have something.

    That's what I would do anyway (or at least that's what I like to think I would do, but I am the master at putting up and shutting up to be honest, I find it brings me rewards in other ways).

    Hoep that helps a bit!

    C xx
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    I would also hang fire for a while and wait and see, personally I love readingimage
  • MrsRafMrsRaf Posts: 1,802
    Hannah i would enjoy the quiet time for now

    my best friend was in the same situation recently and got really upset about it - but she stayed and within a month they had a tonne of work for her to do and she was glad she'd had time to do the reading then

    she's now really happy with her job

    i'm also having a crappy day - feel like handing in my notice - but i'm gonna tell you to stick at it for a bit longer

    i reckon you need at least a month to settle in

    good luck

  • HannabelleukHannabelleuk Posts: 1,134
    I know you're all right, but I am so bored! Bored, bored, bored!

    The problem with the reading I am doing is that it is so technical that I don't understand it and nobody is taking the time to help me with it. I feel like an idiot image
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    you could try asking someone who will understand and be supportive, take notes on what they explain, so you have a record of it and use them like a sponge without being annoying to learn, sometimes I find when I dont understand something, I enjoy learning about it. You should not feel like an idiot, because you are not, everyone has to learn at some stage, this is your time.
  • HannabelleukHannabelleuk Posts: 1,134
    That's the problem sidewalk - nobody will. I ask for help and get fobbed off or have more jargon or photocopies of training slides thrust at me. I think that's why I am so down on this today. I am jumping up and down asking for help or tasks (I'd be happy if they gave me filing) and people don't want to help as I am interrupting their quiet time.

    Maybe I should just go home early and come back tomorrow all refreshed.
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    that is a problem, is there anyway the internet will help teach you stuff or is it quite specifc?

    Personally, if its quiet reading time they are giving you, I would read until I was blue in the face, I would leave normal time, have a long think tonight and see how you feel tomorrow. I must admit, from what you are saying about the fact that no one wants to help, I would be unhappy too.

    I would also take all the photocopies, because somewhere in there could be a glossary or something.
  • MrsRafMrsRaf Posts: 1,802
    is it anything i can help with? or is it job/company specific?

    (i'm good with technical)
  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    could you maybe ask for a mentor?
  • laura217uklaura217uk Posts: 745
    When I started my new job, I compiled a list of all the jargon words and acronyms I came across, and if I found I couldnt work them out myself - emailed the team and asked them to help!

    Basically I pestered them until I had a decent list which I then posted up. No point reading about PID's and SHA's if you dont actually know what one is!

    Shows you are being proactive and have fun with excel throwing the list together if nothing else!

    Sorry cant be more help - stick with it and see how you go after 6 months. Least you get paid for chilling out

    (I too am in a slow job - hence being on here so much during the day.. still waiting for a heavy workload as promised)

    Hope it goes ok

    Laura x
  • HannabelleukHannabelleuk Posts: 1,134
    Unfortunately it is job specific MrsR, but thank you for the offer x

    I shall get my head down and keep reading and see how long it lasts, though I think I shall still look at what's out there, as I am not sure it'll be the right job long term anyway.

    Thanks ladies - excellent advice as ever (and I totally agree, I just wanted someone to say I could leave!)
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    no way, you have stay for a while at least, 2 weeks is a blink of an eye, and a lot can happen during the next few months.
  • JEM77JEM77 Posts: 123
    Hammabelle, I totally feel for you. We are going through a really quiet spell at work (darn credit crunch!) and it is painfully boring. I am relatively new to the firm (about 8 months) and keep on toying with the idea of moving but there is no guarantee it will be better elsewhere and settling in always takes a while and is never much fun. I just keep reminding myself that when I'm working round-the -clock I'll be moaning about having too much to do...!! Hang in there!
  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    Hi Hammah, how annoying! Being the workshy sloth that I am at the moment, I'm not sure I'm allowed to give career advice, but I'll have a go!

    Many years ago, my first job was as a graduate trainee with one of the big investment banks in the City. The first 6 months were great, then I transferred to a different department where I found myself with nothing to do and reporting to a complete k**b.

    I got so bored and fed up that I actually came up with my own project reviewing the disaster recovery plans that the department had in place and busied myself with that. Best thing was, a really good manager in a different division found out what I was doing and then poached me for his team.

    Is there anything about your department that really interests you and that you could review? You can always do the reading at home later.

    You'd be surprised how valuable your fresh pair of eyes can be to a organisation. People get easily entrenched in 'we've always done it that way, so we'll carry on doing it that way'. It sometimes takes a newbie to challenge the status quo - they'll thank you for it, I promise! x

  • Hamma - so sorry to hear all this.

    I always think that when a new job is started it is almost a given that one will not really enjoy it for at least 6 weeks or so. New environments, not knowing what makes new colleagues tick, not understanding company policies etc as well as it taking time to build up a work load.

    Sorry i'm not going to tell you to leave!! Hang in there and see what the next couple of months bring.

    So you have my permissin to leave on the 30th September if you're still not happy (JOKE!!)

    Really hope that it all works out and you are telling us how fab it is very soon

  • HannabelleukHannabelleuk Posts: 1,134
    Had a big chat about it all with h2b last night who said "Do what makes you happy", which doesn't help when you're as indecisive as me.

    I know it's not the right job for me, but I think I will stick it out until I find something else (or until 30 September, whichever comes first). I have been in for half an hour and it feels like I have been here a week, so I'm not sure how long I'll stick it out for.

    On the plus side, I spent a while looking on jobsites and have found a career option that looks to be perfect for me - using my expertise from the job I was doing for the past five years in a much more constructive way. I guess that I'll be spending my weekend applying for lots of other jobs.

    And back to my reading. Does anyone know what a NPDB is? :\?
  • HannabelleukHannabelleuk Posts: 1,134
    Breaking news..... Today is payday and they haven't paid me. They haven't informed me that they couldn't sort out payroll in the five weeks since I sent my p45 etc in to them - I found out when everyone got a payslip except me.

  • IggyLouukIggyLouuk Posts: 198
    NPDB - National Practitioner Data bank? the magic of google... I have no idea!

    Poor you - I totally sympathise - I been in my current job for nearly 2 years - would be looking elsewhere if I didn't have the wedding to organise! which I know sounds silly - but I have very little to do here and has been very handy for organising wedding stuff!

  • DustyMothDustyMoth Posts: 1,528

    Hammabelle - Get out soon as possible. Follow all leads that you can, and spend the free time job hunting. (Ooh, I'm all dramatic and certain about this!)

    I have been in your shoes and stuck it out. The three months I was left on my own with some manuals passed, and then still nothing. A year later of soul crushing boredom later, my confidence is massively undermined and I feel like I'm stupid because I don't know anything (because no one has ever bothered explaining and when I badger and badger to get some help I'm made to feel very stupid and/or worthless.

    The fact that you haven't been paid either smacks of your new company being awfully like mine. Do your best to get out now - everyone makes mistakes and it won't look bad in an interview if you tell the truth.

    I've just handed in my resignation here and have a new job to go to and I feel much better already but it was reaching the point where the boredom and unhappiness stemming from work was starting to affect me and my other half - so please heed my experience and keep looking as if you hadn't moved jobs!

    Good luck and hope I'm wrong and yours works out better!

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