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how much for cake stands?


Are any of you hiring/buying your own cake stands? or are you getting it through your cake maker.?..plan is to buy individual cakes, as not everyone likes fruit ones ( me and h2b dont either!) . I'm looking for a 4 or five teir cake stand, have found the perfect one on ebay its £68 plus P&P, is this a lot? or is it because its a 4 teir one? need to feedback as dont know how much to expect to pay. Does anyone know if you can hire them from cake shops even if you dont buy from them? ..this is the stand


  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    Please avoid a particular seller on ebay - the stand was faulty and they won't give a refund. Their name (with spaces as they're threatening me with slander if I say their name anywhere!) is e x h i b i t z - please don't buy from them! In Best Buys there is a post I put up with more details.

    I would say, wherever you get your stand from, test it out straight away, not on the wedding day like me. Luckily our venue had a spare stand else our cake would be ruined!xx
  • thanks for that mrsjuice, i think we tend to rely on ppl too much, thinking we will be just fine. I will test out the cake stands and check out your previous posts too.

  • Louiseallan1Louiseallan1 Posts: 620
    I'm hiring a cupcake tiered stand for 100 cakes (large) for just £15.00. Have to pay a deposit of £50.00 but get it for a whole week so no need to stress about it. Bargain.
  • kazzy47kazzy47 Posts: 264
    you may be best hiring but you can always resell it if you do buy one from ebay,

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  • thanks i will re consider buying it, i just thought £68 was a bit too much for some plastic...we re you having a 'rant' moment earlier??
  • kazzy47kazzy47 Posts: 264
    yes then thought about it nothing do with me, just looked on ebay at the feedback they got 98.5 some good feedback some indiffrent but there stands look cheap,
  • Coolio, no worries. what kind of stands do you recommend? I hav't a clue??!?!?! I stil think £68 is too much to buy some plastic, my budget would be about £30 for what it is.
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Please see my thread at:

    I'm making my own cake (3 tiers) and will be wanting a stand. My cake will be heart-shaped and I never thought to ask at a couple of local shops whether the stands they hire are suitable for heart-shaped cakes. They ask for a lump sum - can be expensive - about £100 - but they'll hire for about £10 the deposit's refundable when you return the stand, of course. There are also some stands on E-Bay and some are very reasonable.

    There's a lady I know whom I'll be asking to help with the icing, I think I might go by her advice. If I see her soon, I'll post her thoughts on here!

    Bambagirl x
  • hiya my aunty is making my cake and we dint want fruit cake either cos we dunt like it n we were worried they wudnt stack properly so i bought on off ebay as i figure i can sell it on afterwards to get sum of the money back ( it was only £30 for a 3 tier one) and all of the ones for hire had deposits on them and we only have a small budget to start with

  • minime2006minime2006 Posts: 792
    hi, we are having a traditional 3 tiered wedding cake, but like other posters on here, we accept not everyone will like fruit cake (h2b doesn't) so we also opted for cake stand with mini cupcakes - we brought ours from ebay - with p and p it was about £35 - my logic being - i can always use it again or sell it on. hope this helps. oh it was a 6 tiered cake stand i think and holds about 120 cakes.
  • Do you still have the link blackjack??
  • cheers ! x
  • linseyblinseyb Posts: 89
    Shoegal1980 - Where are you hiring your cupcake stand from?
  • We're hiring ours from the people making our cake for £8 =] Xxxx
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