First Wedding Purchase!

Lovely ladies I'm sure some of you may be able to help me. Can any of you remember what your first wedding related purchase was?

I am yet to make mine and am dying to do so, maybe then it will feel a bit more real! I'm going to be in central London on Thursday afternoon at a loose end so am thinking of doing a spot of shopping. What could I buy bearing in mind I haven't chosen my dress yet?

Am thinking of popping into CL in Marylebone. I'm certain that I read/ heard somewhere that they do bespoke shoes. Is this true? If so can they different heel heights? What else could I get? Am totally stuck and am having a bit of a mind block at the moment! x x


  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    Hmmmm I think my first purchase was my 'wedding perfume' - D????lices de Cartier. I have taken the plastic wrap off the boxes but of course haven't sprayed it on myself yet... however I do have a little wedding diary which I have been writing in since the proposal day and I have a bookmark in there on the wedding day which is sprayed with it!

    I also bought a fabulous frame in which we're going to display wedding photos of our families and bridal party. And I bought the guest book fairly early on too; it has an engraved name plate with our names and the wedding date; M's sister is a designer and is drawing fabulous images of things like our shoes, the flowers etc on every other page and those glamorous 'fashion designer' sketches of people which will look vaguely like us!

    To me, these little things were exciting and you're right, is nice to have something tangible rather than just receipts for deposits paid!!
  • Mine was my wedding dress!!! Didn't intend on buying it so soon, but tried it on and fell in love with it!! Emmy Shoes in London do some beautiful bespoke shoes, have a look on x

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  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230
    mine was some old fashoned sweet jars and a chalkboard. doesnt sound very weddingey but they will be once im finished with them.

    the perfume on the diary is such a lovely idea.

  • lindasearslindasears Posts: 767
    Ours was the wedding car (if that counts. Obviously we haven't purchased the car, but you know what I mean)

    It's my dream wedding car and I didn't want to risk anyone else getting their handss on it so I just booked it as soon as we had a date.
  • lindasearslindasears Posts: 767
    Ours was the wedding car (if that counts. Obviously we haven't purchased the car, but you know what I mean)

    It's my dream wedding car and I didn't want to risk anyone else getting their hands on it so I just booked it as soon as we had a date.
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    bespoke shoes can be done at CL Mount Street, they need around 3 months, forget August, most of the makers close down for summer hols, you have tons of time. It is easier if you like the look of an existing line, that way you save the 30% bespoke charge added on.

    CL does not only have the lines in CL mount street, they also have more lines in their look book.

    First wedding purchase for us was the venue.

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  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    James'Girl our first decision / payment was on the venue but the first 'thing' I bought was the perfume. Is that what you're asking? Or are you asking what was sorted first?
  • Ah thanks girls, some inspirartion at last.

    Thanks for that info sidewalk, will definitely pop in to CL on Thurs!

    Gindi I guess I meant an actual physical item, something that you bought for yourself or even h2b or trinkets for the reception rather than venue etc.
  • bedshrimpbedshrimp Posts: 435
    Well i guess mine was my dress, although i havent physically got it yet, so the next thing was the shoes x x
  • peeptoeukpeeptoeuk Posts: 264
    Mine was our wedding rings and I have to get H2B to hide them somewhere as I keep wanting to try it on! I've also put a deposit on my dress but i won't have it until closer to the time. I've been engaged for a year and a half so I've wanted to pace myself and not get everything all at once!

    Next purchase will probably be our paper fans (outdoor wedding) x
  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    Mine was my coat - although I now have the unfortunate issue that it is now hanging up in the spare room calling out to me to try it on and parade around in it!

  • Mine was my bouquet. i didnt inted on buying it but as i was looking through ebay wondering if i could get one made in royal blue (H2Bs football team colour) i came across one made of silver wire and crystals which i just fell in love with and had to have!

  • lozzlepoplozzlepop Posts: 677
    I'm yet to make mine - although I've sourced a silk tartan sash for the evening do. Now I just need to convince h2b to get lochcarron tartan for his kilt and I can get the damn thing made and paid for. I'm mildly shocked at how dear it's going to be but they weave every one to order and it'll be identical to h2b's kilt except in silk, hence why I have to wait until he orders his because until then we won't know the exact sett size. That and there are about 20 different Macleod tartans and he's still swithering.
  • charleygirl76charleygirl76 Posts: 2,730
    I didn't actually make the first purchase - he did!

    "Just Married" White Leather Passport holders for the honeymoon. Sweet but cringey! Have since banned him from the Confetti website!!

    I guess the save the date magnets I had made were my first proper purchase.

    C x

  • LXH100LXH100 Posts: 777
    Lol Charley!

    I have been wracking my brain about this one and have realised I only have 2 tangible wedding items in my possession- a brooch and a bridesmaid rag doll for our flower girl! Not great as I only have 122 days to go......
  • mymanolomymanolo Posts: 273
    My shoes, Manolo's!!! j'adore!!
  • Vintage looking bird cages for our table displays although they are no use now what so ever as we're getting married in Vegas.

    James'Girl, if you are considering bespoke CL's and want to discuss it with somebody you're best to book an appointment beforehand with Vanessa, she's in charge of the bespoke orders, she's fantastic and very helpful in a non pushy way!


  • My first purchase were my shoes!! I always start with the shoes and work my way up lol. I love the idea of a wedding perfume, and delices de cartier is one of my faves!! Just not sure what to wear on the day....
  • kimber-kimber- Posts: 2,663
    mine was my invites!!! all for the bargainous price of £12.56!! all 150 of them, including evening invites!

    its so exciting when you make the first purchase!!!!
  • Our was candles as we popped into the National Wedding Show - good luck with all the rest of your wedding shopping!
  • Hi,

    The first thing I bought was the actual wedding and honeymoon as we are getting married abroad, followed by dress, then shoes, then tiara, jewellery. I 've got the bug now and can't stop, poor hubby2b. x
  • AnrielAnriel Posts: 239
    I think the first thing were my shoes - as they had 1 pair left in my size in the sale!
  • First purchase was my dress, i hated it on the hanger but cried when i looked in the mirror! I had been engaged for 9 days, had no date or venue!! Can't wait to wear it, 77 days to go.
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