Hi girls. Am new to this forum (in fact any wedding forum) and really need some help with stationery. Am not getting married for quite a while yet but want to get my save the date cards sorted within the next couple of months. I want something really really bespoke. Everything is the same and actually not bespoke. I want stationery designed exclusively for me!! Have not seen anything I like yet. Am not sure of the theme yet but definately something glamorous and retro! (am really into vintage clothes!) Any ideas?


  • Have a search through this section, someone (think it was toosexylady) had gorgeous bespoke stationery created for them by a designer called Rebecca ______ (sorry, can't recall the surname/company name but if you look through the posts am sure you will find it).

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    Hi Marquesa

    lots of fab ideas on this site, so I'm sure you'll get oodles of inspiration. As someone has already said, check out TSL's wonderful couture stationery. I also looked into this designer, (Little Ego - see link below) based in Edinburgh but I would imagine could work to any location - some lovely ideas and very helpful on email.


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  • Thanks confettihead! I have checked out TSL's stationery and she herself has been really helpful. She was really pleased with Rebekah Daley's service. I love the Little Ego stuff. Really modern and quirky. Great!! I ordered smaples form Rebekah today. She was sooo lovely on the phone and chatted for ages about my ideas (orn lack of them!) I can't wait to get my samples now. Will definately order samples form Little Ego too. Am excited now about recieving my parcels in the post!
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