Borrowed blue press any good?

Have been looking at the Borrowed Blue Press website. I read the earlier comments about their poor customer service on a thread on this forum and it has put me off a bit. I cannot abide bad service! It actually makes my blood boil!! I do like their invites (although a bit samey) but the bad service would put me off. Any one using/used them?


  • Following on from my reply to your earlier post, have found the website for you, it's:

    Have a look - for bespoke design, glamour, etc that you are looking for, I haven't seen anything that comes close to this designer's work.
  • OOh! Thank you so much! TSL had already directed me to that site! I really do love the designs and the extra like 3D table decor/ table plans and sketches. Still deciding though. Am going to get samples form her this week and see what they are like. Am uite indesicive and want almost everything!!
  • We had our Save the Dates from Borrowed Blue Press and they were wonderful. The service was great too, no problems so far (touch wood). They were very promp getting them out as well as all the samples they sent through. We're definately getting our invites etc from there. xx
  • We got our save the dates from Bridemade, who are exactly the same company as Borrowed Blue Press, just a different division, and they were fantastic. We're going back to them for our invites.
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