Tiffany Wedding Bands

Anyone bought their wedding rings from tiffany? I have seen the ones on their website, just wondered if they had anything different in store and what are the prices like for plain platinum wedding bands? What thickness do men and women usually go for?

Thanks for any replies girls, never posted here before as never sure if I count as a big budget bride..but I know you're a friendly and helpful bunch!


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    me and my h2b have bought our wedding bands from Tiffany in Bond Street - it was a lovely experience! The staff were really friendly and helpful. Mine has half the band in diamonds so not sure what the price of a plain band is, although my h2b got a plain band and it was £940 (don't think a womans wouldn't be as expensive as thinner and smaller) Hope thats some help!

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    Hi and welcome, ladies tend to get a slightly smaller mm compared to men, the prices at Tiffs for bands are slightly more against the high street.

    I think the bands are around £400- up to around £900 ish like mrstcp2b stated.

    They do have different onces in the store, but the site is a good indication of what they have, remember to take a look at the tiffs site in the us, the prices there are cheaper if you know anyone in the US.

    The service in Tiffs in the UK tends to be pretty good and helpful and getting it here can give you peace of mind. I am sure others will have more info for you.
  • Hi Miaoww check out this link it shows the different types of wedding rings available and how much they cost

    With regard to thickness this depends on the thickness of your own fingers so to speak! I think most women go for 2 or 3mm and men anything from 4mm upwards.

    The Bond Street store is lovely try to go on a weekday if you can when it's less busy! x x
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    I got my engagement ring from the 5th Avenue store and i have to say it really was the most special day of my life (with the exception of the actual proposal the evening before of course). It was really exciting trying on loads of different diamonds, even though typically i chose the first one i tried on. As previously said you get so much more for your money in US than you do here and thats regardless of the exchange rate. We are going to Las Vegas in october and are planning on getting wedding rings when we are there. H2B really isnt fussed about his ring because he cant wear it for work, so doesnt want to spend that much on it however when you compare the price of a plain platinum band from Ernst & Jones or Beaverbrooks etc they are pretty much the same as you are paying for a Tiffany equivalent!!
  • Hi, I bought my wedding ring yesterday from Tiffanys on Sloane Street. I am still in shock!!

    They do have some thicknesses that are not specified online. The one I got did have a thinner version in the shop but this isn't mentioned online.

    Someone mentoned that the prices have increased and they have, mine had increased by £75 from when I first started looking at it.

    Here is mine, I just have to share it as no-one else is getting to see it!

    I have to say that although it was a fab experience getting it from there the staff were a little...stiff. When trying on the rings there were no seats etc. Other peole have suggested other branches which my have been a bit more friendly.

    Other than that it was an unforgettable event.

    Enjoy ring shopping x;\)
  • Hey, I was in Vegas last week on holiday and found my wedding band in Tiffany there. The sales tax in Vegas is only 7.7% and so was a lot cheaper than here or even New York. Unfortunately I'm not getting married till August 09, so didn't have the money saved to get it, but persuading CB to go out there early next year to pick it up!!! Their bands are just gorgeous and I'm going for a half eternity style. h2b was not thrilled about price - was £850, but I told him to divide it against how many years we'll be together!!! The diamonds just sparkle so much!!! Good luck! xx
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    Thanks for your replies girls. I really wish I knew someone who was going to American and could be trusted to bring back our rings. We dont have enough money to take a trip there before our wedding. Any other advice from anyone else? Which tiffany store in the UK would you recommend?
  • Shame you can't get out to the states or get someone to pick one up for you, miaoww. If you're planning on getting them here, personally I'd recommend the Royal Exchange branch. I've had problems with Bond Street and don't find them particularly welcoming - a bit stuck up their own arse to be frank. They suggested my h2b have a silver (!) wedding band - apparently we don't look like we can afford a platinum one for him, despite the fact I wear the equivalent of a bloody car on my ring finger. Anyway, that's a rant for another day. The concessions in Harrods and Selfridges are good, but don't carry the full range. Royal Exchange were fantastic, and couldn't be more helpful, writing down the style and price of the ring that matches my engagement ring perfectly and there was no pressure to buy, which I felt there was in Bond Street.
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