My dress-waddaya think!

This is my dress. It cost £70 on ebay. It needs minor alterations and I was thinking about wearing a small hoop underneath so I get a bit more waist definition and space to move my feet! So ladies... waddaya think???!!!


  • sarahlou42sarahlou42 Posts: 273
    i love this style dress, my dream dress was by Nikki Hill and was very similar to yours but priced at £1500 (2yrs ago)

    what a bargain!

    you're going ot blow your H2b away image

  • faerierynfaerieryn Posts: 273
    Thank you!!!!!
  • think it will look even nicer when brought in around waist,its quite a gothic look isnt it x
  • It's lovely...I love ebay!!! Which seller did you buy it from?

  • poppetsampoppetsam Posts: 864
    Wow that's such a bargain...well done you! I wish I was a clever shopper!! xx

    It's a lovely style, the floaty sleeves are very romantic....reminds me of Lady of Shallot!

    Can imagine with alterations and hair etc on the will look wonderful. xx
  • faerierynfaerieryn Posts: 273
    Thankyou. It was a real gamble to buy it without seeing any swatches etc but I think it has paid off. Now I just have to wait until may next year to wear the bloody thing!
  • Suz1978Suz1978 Posts: 3
    It looks quite shapeless on you - hopefully once you get it taken in it will look a whole lot better - guess thats what happens when you buy a dress that you have seen on the internet and not tried it on prior to that.

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  • Ouch bit harsh. I agree that it is a bit shapeless though. You definintely need to get it cinched at the waist. The sleeves are very pretty and 'faerie' like. x
  • That was rather harsh, as much as this dress isn't what I would choose for myself, I think this style really suits you faerieryn especially as you are getting the waist taken in. after the alterations it will look beautiful as I'm sure you will on your wedding day. It wouldn't do for us all to be the same and like the same things now would it, express your individuality however you like, you don't need the approval of any of us!
  • Suz1978Suz1978 Posts: 3
    Shoeaholic and miss louboutin - the comment was a bit harsh - edited my comment though and shoeaholic you are exactly right about us not all being the same and we all shouldn't like the same thing - i think i am quite impressed with the fact that its not a strapless dress but thats another story....x
  • faerierynfaerieryn Posts: 273
    Cheers guys. The main reason that I bought without having tried it on is because I looked everywhere and I mean everywhere to find something similar to check the shape etc but found nothing. I had found it at £120 on another website but was too scared to buy something for that price without seeing it. Spending £70 made me feel a little bit better about buying it without having tried even similar things on. Bear in mind also that I am not wearing rper undies in that picture. I know it needs adjusting but I can't get that done until nearer the time. Roll on May next year!!!!
  • i reckon you should embrace the ethereal feel of this! itd look lvely with tousled locks. i dont know if you think its a bit 'out there', but a circlet (ie lord of the rings elven style) would look lovely instead of a tiara
  • faerierynfaerieryn Posts: 273
    SOUnds lovely! I'm thinking about having my hair half up and half down so would go well. A friend of mine is making all of my jewelery so I will pass it on to her!
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