Anyone having 2 dresses?

Is anyone having 2 dresses?

My dress has quite a long train, I love dancing and Im thinking of getting another dress maybe below the knee still like a wedding dress though so I can dance in.

Do you think this would be Ok and does anyone know where to start looking all the dresses Ive seen are full length?


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    Oh thankyou blushinbride, really loving the second dress, Im of to investigate image xx
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    Also, if you don't want to spend a fortune on the second dress for the evening check out ebay and you can get a ball gown / wedding dress for around £80 from china. They are usually copies of designer dresses and obviously not as fantastic as the real thing but still nice.

    I bought one for my registry wedding in two weeks time, and after a few minor alterations by my mum it looks lovely on and only cost £85.


  • Hi I am hainv two, both full length one pink and quite big for the day and one ivory from monsoon which was great value for our private evening meal. I also like coast for shorter occasion dresses. I think its a great idea and a fab excuse to buy more shoes and accessories! I think quite a few of us are having two!
  • Me me me!!

    We're having 2 celebrations (a couple of weeks apart) so i'll be having a dress for the civil ceremony celebration and then another, most likely a Candy Anthony, for the second celebration.

    If i could think of a way to have more then i would!!

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    Im having two- one big white ivory number(Alan Hannah) for our official wedding at home(ie church followed by reception) and then one for wedding part 2 in Italy with our family over there(and anyone else who wants to come!)

    Haven't picked a dress for the second part...yet!!

    H2B says I don't really need another dress but I think I do...y'know purely for the good of my

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    I'm having two also. A long dress for the wedding and a short for in the evening. We are getting married abroad and i dont really want to wear a long dress out for the meal. I change my mind daily on the style of the long one, current fav is Pronovias Dango andt think i am going to get a Candy Anthony or Stephanie James for the evening (both tea length 50's style). But as someone else has said i think i will get the short dress made in China from Milly Bridal. And im also going to get the long dress from America as its so much cheaper. That way i can justify two pairs of shoes ;o)
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    I have 2.

    My day dress is the full works, long train, heavy, etc and I just adore adore adore dancing. There is no way I want to be dragging that thing round a dance floor and not being able to enjoy the biggest party I've ever hosted because of a dress lol!

    I picked up a cheap bridal dress off the high street (I know, not very BBB but it fits like a glove and doesn't look it), took it up to just above the knee and added a big sash in the same colour as my bridesmaids will have and off we go. Big traditional dress for day, slinky little number for night and now I get to cast my funky shapes on the floorimage
  • Haven't really thought of having two dresses but reading everyones messages it make sense!

    I am getting married in Cyprus with a long Ivory dress and now i am thinking of getting another one in a shorter lengh for the evening.

    Thankyou all i'll be busy this weekend trying to find another dress, don't know what my fiance will say. :0)
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    I went to Monsoon the other day for a dress for the races and their bridal section is great for a shorter (and cheaper) but beautiful dress. I think they start about £200.
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    I wore two dresses and I was very glad to be able to change after our photographer left at 9.30. To put it very bluntly I was sweating like a b!tch! I was so hot even in March and it was nice to get changed and put on my sparkly maggie sottero number to get down to some serious dancing!
  • Hi dawnshaun,

    I had to post on here even though it it a bit off subject. You are the first person I have ever heard mention the Pronovias Dango dress! I spotted it on their website and really like it. After phoning about 20 different stockists, I have finally located one to try on. I have an appointment tomorrow. My dad is taking me because it is 2 and a half hours away. Bless! I hope I like it! Have you tried it on? I am getting married in Italy in July 2009 so I didn't want anything too big. At only 5'2'' I think that something in this style would suit me much more. I wonder if my budget would stretch to two dresses though lol? If I really love the main one though I won't want to take it off. Do you happen to know how much it costs approximately?


    Sarah x
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