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Hello, everyone hope the wedding planning is going well. I've been trying to move on from weddings but my friend is planning hers and i just can't stay out of it, it is after all very addictive. She is having a difficult time deciding what she wants venue wise and she has been looking at loads overseas but is now looking back in England. She would like something with the real wow factor and money isn't really an issue (lucky her) it is important that its private. I thought i'd ask all of you knowledgeable ladies, have any of you seen anywhere spectacular. thank you and good luck with the rest of the planning, Mrs Ella and moo. x


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    Hi ellaandmoo,

    My 3 favourites are: Babington House, St. Audries (where TSL got married) andCliveden. All fab venues, and all available for private hire.
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    Hi There is a topic somewhere ref big budget venues, it has all of those listed above and much more like Chewton Glen etc.

    I love Babbington but you can only get married there between Mon and Thurs even if you are a member which I found a bit annoying but hey!

    There is really so much choice esp if she fancies a country manor house or castle wedding!

    Have fun helping her plan Mrs Ella.x

  • We're getting married at Lower Slaughter Manor in the Cotswolds which is a sister hotel to Cliveden (Von Essen group). Only problem is it's a smaller capacity - max of 70, but that was perfect for us. There are a few other Von Essen hotels which are gorgeous too - Amberley Castle where Holly Willoughby got married. Some friends of our got married at the Manor House in Castle Combe - again gorgeous. Ooh the choices!!! x
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    I'm getting married at Kilworth House Hotel on an exclusive basis which includes all 46 bedrooms.

    Also, tell your friend to have a look on Mr & Mrs Smith website they have some really lovely 5 star hotels.

    Hope it helps x x
  • Hi I got married at St Audries Park and loved it. Also there are some great houses for private hire in Northamptonshire, like Fawsley Hall . Lots of people on here have private hire, so I guess it is worth looking on the when and where thread.

    Good luck x
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    Hi Ellaandmoo,

    How many people is you friend planning on having fo rthe meal?
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    Thanks Ladies some fab suggestions, she has been using mr and mrs smith but hasn't seen the one yet.

    Sidewalk i've searched and couldn't find it, i remember the long venue search thats partly why i'm here!!! Can you remember the title?

    She reckons about 40-50 but i think that may well increase i might be cynical but i think we started with about that number lol. Babington is my fave at the mo but (thankfully)its not my choice.
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    Loved your wedding pictures!

    Has your friend considered Scotland? We are getting married at Hopetoun House nr Edinburgh.

    We also loved Drumtochty Castle - you can hire for weekend and guests can stay there too - was our of our price range sadly
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    Thank you Clairey, it feels like a lifetime ago already. I hope your enjoying the anoushka experience at avorio. I really miss going in for a chat.Shes lookinggeverywhere so i'll have a look at the ones you've suggested.

    Sidewalk, just the one thanks for that.

    I've just sent her the links to Burgh island, Chewton glen and Stoke place. has anyone been to any of these, they arey are a little quirky, apart from Chewton of course which is simply stunning.
  • Hi!

    There's a place down in Kent called Knowlton Court, which is beautiful and you can hire the whole place for the weekend, along with the cottages in the grounds for guest. Would have loved to use it myself but just wasn't practical! Let us know where she goes for!
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    Hi Ellaandmoo. I too loved your wedding pictures. I actually showed them to my photographer to give him some inspiration. Looked like a wonderful day. Couple of Yorkshire suggestions from me, The Devonshire Arms - your friend could get married in Bolton Abbey and have the reception at the Devonshire, it's a gorgeous venue. There is also Rudding Park which is where Clonny is getting married, it's the top Yorkshire venue but the down side is the waiting list, they are always booked up. Another lovely place is Ripley Castle.

    J x
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    I like the following - they can probably go to 100/150 -

    Ravens Ait (Island on the Thames)

    Syon House (Butterfly house)

    Ham House - (elegant national trust house)

    Pembrooke Lodge (Richmond Park)

    Sorry - all in Surrey as it's where I know.

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    continuing on the Surrey theme, Kew Gardens is lovely.
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    I am getting married at Netherwood Hotel at Grange over Sands, Can't wait, the grounds are beautiful!

    I live near Bolton Abbey as recommended by Jetset, it's lovely too!
  • Scotland has some gorgeous private hire venues. The Lodge is amazing, my first choice but too far for elderly relatives.

    Noseley Hall near Leicester is amazing, it has its own chapel that can be used for a bessing. It was my fav English choice but my mother hated it!!!

    Belvoir Castle can cater for various sizes.

    Hope your friend finds something.


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    what about Blenhiem Palace? I would have loved their orangery... also loved a place in Somerset: Orchardleigh - tiny church on an island in the estate with no electricity. Amazing!

    H2b's sister got married at Aldwark Manor in North Yorks if she's looking for somewhere up north? It was a bit hotelish but there was an old and new part. She chose the new as she had too many for the old bit which held up to 70 but it was the best bit by far I thought.
  • I know they've already been mentioned but im just gonna mention them too, cos they're fab! lol!! Syon House and Kew Gardens, gorgeous and incredibly unique!!
  • hi - Castle Howard near York is fab - they have the temple of the four winds for the ceremony it looks beautiful. I''m getting married at Hazlewood Castle inbetween leeds and York (you can have exclusive use) and it also has a chapel like rudding park.


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    Hi, sory if I've missed it, but is there a particular area she is looking in, or can she go anywhere in the country? If she's willing to come to the Essex/Suffolk borders - Gosfield Hall is stunning

    Kimberley hall in Norfolk is also great as they only allow a few weddings a year, so are quite exclusve

    Lastly Ickworth house- national trust property- gorgeous with truly fab hotel and spa
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