Need your advise please

It's regarding transport and where to get ready on the day - this will be quite long, sorry

OK, hair and make up is being done at the salon, I can't change that. I will be staying at my parent's house the night before the wedding the salon is a 20 minute drive. Was planning to drop of wedding dress and 4 bridesmaid dresses at the hotel the night before the wedding but they have now informed me that they wont have the responsibility which is fair enough. We were going straight to the salon and then onto the venue to get ready but theirs no-one to drop off the dresses in the morning. My dad was going to do this but he is picking up button holes for the men and flying h2b and best man to the venue in his helicopter and then getting changed into his kilt, he has other odd jobs on the days aswell, poor man. Would be better if dad could help us but h2b is adamant that he is to be the pilot on the day - he hasn't really requested anything else so I can't complain.

How do I get the dresses to the venue, I don't trust anyone but family incase they were stuffed in the boot of someone's car ..............

Do I get ready at parents and book wedding cars - problem with that is I wanted photographs of us getting ready and also photos of h2b and dad arriving at the venue, he cant be in 2 places at the same time, I'm pulling my hair out.

The venue is a 40 minute drive away from parents house and the morning will be rushed if we leave from parents also scared of h2b seeing me before as he will need to be at my parents before they leave for the venue image


Any suggestions ??????


  • pixiepantsukpixiepantsuk Posts: 2,326
    Are any of your parents neighbours going to the wedding? Could you trust one of them to take it? Or do your bridesmaids have partners who could be trusted!?
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