SCOTT DUNN- grrrr! the cheek!!

asked for a hmoon quote and they asked what my budget was. £10k (not including flights) and she thinks this isnt enough and would i like to use their honeymoon list for people to contribute!

WHAT THE F**K?!?!? she really thinks i am going to spend over £10k on accommodation and food?!?!? she can frick off!! image

what do others think??? am i being tight?


  • MrsHxMrsHx Posts: 4,037

    That is a massive budget, I think!

    What a joke

  • sdasilvauksdasilvauk Posts: 3,050
    thanks...was starting to think i was going mad! i mean we're looking at India for 2 weeks travel then 1 week in Kerala, hardly that extravagant!!
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Depending on where you are going, she maybe right, but what I find bad is that fact that she is trying to push for you to have a honeymoon list!!

    I would speak to other agents.

    Where are you going on honeymoon?
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    I would defo speak to other agents
  • sdasilvauksdasilvauk Posts: 3,050
    yup- Audley within budget as are a whole load of others.

    oh and we're off to India!
  • orphilea1orphilea1 Posts: 399
    We used SD for a recent holiday and it cost no where near that! They were fab and the places they recommended were great.

    Maybe you just got a bad agent and could speak to someone else?

  • Boodles, it's a long time since i heard the phrase frick off!!!

    Hmmm, she actually sounds like she was quite rude. £10k is a lot of anyones money and would i'm sure earn her a good commission!

    I've no experience of them so can't be at all helpful but i hope you have luck sorting it out soon.

  • sdasilvauksdasilvauk Posts: 3,050
    thanks ladies. MrsFergs Destinology are on my list! and i def agree that they are just giving a rack rate + quite a bit of mark up!
  • BunsyBunsy Posts: 13
    I'm not sure where you are going on your honeymoon but we are spending 7k and are away for 3 and 1/2 weeks...starting with 12 days in Calfornia (First two days in Beverly Hills at the Beverly Wiltshire - the one in "Pretty Woman"!)...we then go to Tahiti over Christmas for a week and then back to Vegas for New Year. The "same" holiday was going to cost us over 8k with Thomas Cook! I say the same...we have upgraded the accommodation all along the way, for example they were going to put us in a standard room in Tahiti and we have booked an overwater bungalow! And they certaintly weren't putting us in the Beverly Wilishire! They recommended a hotel in San Diego and quoted over £1k for four nights...we got the same place on E Bookers for £400.00!

    We have done it all ourselves and it was very easy via the internet...I personally think agents are a rip off and wouldn't use one again!

    We've done everything
  • sdasilvauksdasilvauk Posts: 3,050
    I am looking at India, and as i want it in luxury the best deals are through the agents- totally appreciate its not the case for many other places, especially the US.

    Your trip sounds fabulous!!

  • izzie0307izzie0307 Posts: 197
    Hi Bunsy

    We have booked to go to Tahiti for 12 nights and to the Regent Beveley Wilshire for 4 nights next April, it looks so fab, please give me some feed back on your return.

    p.s it cost no where near £10000!!!


  • I agre Bunsy (great name by the way) We always book direct with the hotels etc. Why should we give money to agents for doing whant we can do on the internet? Seems ludicrous to me.
  • BunsyBunsy Posts: 13
    Hi izzie0307 - We go on 10 December and get back on 4 Jan so will let you know how it goes...I'm hoping my H2B will treat me to a little shopping trip down Rodeo Drive!

    Thanks Marquessa - Bunsy is my H2B's pet name for me but it's catching on fast...I'm now Auntie Bunsy to my niece and nephew! It was the look on the woman's face in Thomas Cook when we told her our budget was £6k that got to'd have thought that we asked her for a £299 trip to the canaries for our honeymoon!

  • BunsyBunsy Posts: 13
    Boodles11 - forgot to say, a family we met in Barbados last year mentioned that they always used Elegant Resorts..not sure whether they cover India but I know that they got some lovely touches such as a Rolls to pick them up at the airport - could be worth a try.
  • izzie0307izzie0307 Posts: 197
    Gotta go to "Rodeo drive baby" lol....i am so simple!

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