Just posted this on another thread but reread it and thought it was appropriate for those panicking about their budgets,

You aren't just planning a photo opportunity or a one off occasion, this is the rest of your life. Just say for example, a year after your wedding you have a house fire and lose your photos . They are gone but you'll have the memories of all those people who loved you enough to come to your wedding-that's the important thing. Me and h2b are lucky enough that some of our friends are going to travel 300 miles to share our day and 12 of them are sleeping on the floor at my friend's 2 bedroomed flat because they couldn't come if they had to book hotels.

My friend is doing my buffet for cost, my dress and bridesmaid dresses are from ebay- £62 for my dress, my sister's and my niece's, all the decs are from the cheapie shops or ebay, my buffet and disco are up the local community centre and I'm getting married in the registry office. My total wedding will be less than £1400.

I can't afford a photographer-my friend is doing it.

I will be surrounded by those I love and who love me



  • I agree with you...and your wedding sounds very similar to mine!

  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    I also agree, the wedding is about the couple and the vows, the memories are what you are left with, oh and the rings!
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