hello 1'm new! And from Cumbria


i'm fairly new and not exactly a big budget bride but have found i much prefer this area of the site.

have got loads of ideas from all of you especially all things vinatge!


Is anyone from Cumbria?


  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Hi Not from Cumbria, but here is another link with more vintage ideas!

  • suze2uksuze2uk Posts: 55
    thank you that link is great!

    I'm from Barrow, where is your fiance from?

  • KemsukKemsuk Posts: 406
    Hi I am from Ingleton, so near enough, I am getting married at Netherwood Hotel at Grange Over Sands, where are you looking at?

    Welcome by the way! x
  • suze2uksuze2uk Posts: 55
    oh my goodness! i didn't think anyone would even have heard of Barrow!

    i haven't booked anywhere yet, but i would like something a bit different as i'm having a 1950's theme with afternoon tea and champayne!

    just need to find a venue!

    my friend had her christmas wedding at the netherwood and it was beautiful! the loveliest wedding i've ever been too.

  • Hello carriewannabe

    I'm from cumbria, grew up in kendal and getting married there in 10 weeks time. We're having our reception at the netherwood too!

    we currently live in northamptonshire, but i've just been offered a new job in north lincolnshire so it's likely we'll be moving house just before we get married - logistical nightmare!
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