Oh. My. God. Stationery

Received my samples form Rebekah Daley this morning. They have completely blown me away. I canot belive they are so exquisite and have far surpassed my expectations. They were all wrapped up like a present in a box with ribbon and tissue and there are five different samples and a stunning shoe place name with my name on! They blow my other samples out of the water and I am definately going to go with Rebekah Daley now. There are different designs and colours etc taht were not on the website so I was really surprised.

There are 2 i LOVE. Will figure out how to post piccies so you can see them soon!


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    Its great that you love them!!!!

    Right down to business!! Posting pics!

    You load the pics onto a site like photobucket or photobox, then you press new topic to open a new window.

    Then you press the picture to obtain the properties of the picture, you then copy the link and then press img then paste the link and then press img then the picture should appear.


    you can find Deccy's Picture Posting Thread about how to do it!!

  • Was with you at the beginning and now you are talking gobbledygook...will ask fiance for assistance! (I know i am pathetic)
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    I'm with you!!! I LOVE Rebekah Daleys invites and are having her make a couture design for our stationary. Its the best i have ever seen. I loved Bacall too, that was our back up, still not a bad 2nd choice. Just amazing. Which ones you having??!!
  • OOOOOH! Hello! I love the Bacall too! They sent me a couture one from a Marie Antoinnete themed wedding; golds and purples with the most GORGEOUS sort of cameo broach on the front wllat cover with crystals round it. i will post a pic as it is amazing. What sort of couute stationery are you having. I am still at quite early stages and cannot decide on one theme. was going to go Audrey hepburn but my dress is too victorian looking. I may go victorian gothic....chandeliers, roses, candles etc
  • God sorry for all typos. Eyesight bad. Text too small to see errors! Have also had 3 large glasses of wine due to a crap day.
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    Wow, had a look at her website just there!!! Really, really stunning designs- even the 'off the peg' ones!!

    Am very seriously considering ordering my invitations from her now....image
  • If you think the designs on the website look good MissAnnie wait til you see the samples! Exquisite. I keep looking at them and stroking them
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    Oooooh you're twisting my arm!!!!! Might just order some samples. How did you go about it: through the website or did you ring?? I think the 'Bacall' design in the charcoal/black colour shown on the website would fit my wedding perfectly...Although theres plenty of other possibilities there too!!!! xx
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    Completely unrelated but: with that last post I officially became a 'weddingaddict'!!!!! Yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!! image

  • I e-mailed them through the website and then called to discuss some ideas for my vintagey/no theme wedding. I spoke to Rebekah and she was so lovely. Really warm and chatty. A couple of stationers I contacted were a bit off. Congrats on being a wedding addict!
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    ahhh more rebekah fans, she did a wonderful job for our wedding, all entirely bespoke designs, we were so thrilled, and the canvases will live in our house forever now. truly blew me away when i saw them on the day. Our guests are still raving about the shoes, hermes kelly bags and tuxedos!

    am so please its inspired you all to check out her work, she is utterly wonderful

    She is going to illustrate my wedding report for me, so yet more of her gorgeous work to look forward to

  • Definately going with her. Thanks for more info! I love the Marie Antoinette couture invite they sent. Am trying to post pics on this forum but having no luck! It is exquisite. I have been showing to everyone ahe they all think it is sooo beautiful.

    Wedding report? How is she going to illustrate it?
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    Hello again. I've just requested some samples from Rebekah Daley!!image xx
  • Hi Miss Annie!

    Just seen your post! let me know what you think when you get the samples please! Am still very excited about the staitonery! Am going to post pics ioance promised to show me. Is off playing rugby in rain and i am watching crap telly and reading wed mags! FAB
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    Just visited Rebekah Daley's website and am very impressed with her work. I e-mailed her to request some samples and received a reply from her almost immediately. Not only did she agree to send me some samples, but she also said that she would send me some samples of the new designs that had not be placed on the website yet!

    I'm looking forward to receiving them as I've been disappointed with the standard of work from other companies that I've requested samples from.

    TSL- Your invitations were beautiful. Thanks for the recommendation ladies! I've been having a nightmare finding stationery that I like!
  • It is really difficult to find lovely stationery isn't it? I did like a couple of other companies that the gals here recommended but when I got Rebekah Daley's samples they were streets ahead of the competition and I know TSL was really pleased with the sevice. Bad sevice REALLY annoys me. Mt H2B is always sooo embarassed if I complain about service somewhere. service in this country is awful on the whole. I just hope things will be ok with Rebekah Daley.

    Xcitedbride2b what sort of wedding are you haning? What is your theme/colours etc? I still am undecided but def vintage. Was thinking Audrey but now Victorian Gothic... How about you? Do share!
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    Hi Marquessa. I don't really have a theme for my wedding- love the idea of your vintage theme though. My colour scheme is gold and ivory as I feel this is quite classic and won't date. I'm wearing a lace, halterneck dress by Pronovias. Here's the link if you're interested.


    I'm having a Cathedral veil with lace edging to match the dress.

    and my bridesmaids are wearing this dress by Alvina Valenta.


    I want to go for quite a sophisticated, elegant look.

    So what sort of things do you envisage as part of your vintage theme?
  • I like your colours. Really beautiful and the dresses go perfectly with the colours! I adore the back of your dress and the brdesmaids dresses are to die for! exquisite. I am hedging towards candles, blowsy roses, candalabras, ... havone a marquee in parents garden, mum making a victorian dress based on one we saw in the v&a costume museum.
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    It all sounds lovely so far marquessa. I think I saw some lovely vintage hair accessories on Kelly Spence' website if you're interested.

  • Thanks so much! Had a quick look. Fabulous! I like sparkle things. Have just realised you are having a theme quite similar to my victorian gothic idea. I would like it quite decadent and sort of blowsy glamour if that makes sense.
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    I have RD samples too - exquisite aren't they. I was sooo tempted, but, both H2B and I are quite arty, so we're going to make our own - to be honest, I'd have gone with RD, but H2B is really excited about making our own - I can't disappoint him can I!

    Lovely samples though xxx
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