really tall glass vases needed

hi to all brb just wondered if anyone knew of anywhere that i could get some tall glass vases for centrepeices they need to be at least 80cm

it would be a major help if anyone knows of anywhere

thanks for reading

kirsty :\)


  • there were some on ebay earlier collection from Leeds don't know if theyre any use to you. they came with table mirrors too they are very nice! Shame Leeds is 100 miles from me
  • thanks honey il have a look now

  • kjhodgeskjhodges Posts: 82
    Have a look at this site

    they have some good things in and are cheap!!

  • thanks kim thats a great site with vases up to 100cm
  • j2bej2be Posts: 134
    Dont no if this helps but I have just got some from country baskets - they have a site but it's info only and they are trade only 2 but they have lovely stuff really cheap as they supply alot of the shops

  • I got mine from Au Naturale, they are called 'eiffel tower' and come in a few sizes, the tallest are about 80cm and a bargain at £2.99!
  • New Ikea catologue has just come out, I'd check out their web site.
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