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UPDATE HELP! Is this a good price or have I been ripped off?


As some of you will know I went to jewellery quarter to order rings at the weekend.

I ordered a bespoke ring, but changed my mind this morning and have ordered something different and wanted to kow if you thought the quote was reasonable? Bearing in mind that the jewellery quarter is meant to be better value than the high street

For a 3mm 18ct white gold band with 11 channel set princess cut diamonds totalling .25ct quote is £532

What do you think?

I had been quoted £350 for the same ring with nine slightly bigger brilliant cut diamonds but they said that princess cut are more expensive


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  • sdasilvauksdasilvauk Posts: 3,050
    Sounds odd to me...I didnt think princess were more expensive as it has less facets than a brilliant cut...i could be totally wrong though.
  • sdasilvauksdasilvauk Posts: 3,050
    oooh oooh read this. Princess is def a cheaper cut. Also asked my friend. Emerald, Princess are the least expensive as the cut follows the natural shape of the stone

  • I decided against the jewellery qtr as there are some v.good shops and some very bad. My H2B as just paid £1895 for my princess cut ring in platinum with a 0.34 carat and certificates to prove clarity colour etc. One thing to remember is that white gold with turn yellow on the bottom band as it is only Rodium plated, and marks alot easier!

    (This was for an engagement ring)

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  • JEM77JEM77 Posts: 123
    I personally think it sounds very reasonable, having said that I have only ever dealt with platinum which is hugely expensive at the moment. Not sure about the whole princess cut thing though I had been lead to believe that emerald cuts were more expensive as you get a lot more wastage when cutting the stone and that is reflected in the price. I looked at emerald cuts when getting my engagement ring at I would have had a much smaller stone for the same price as my RB. Anyway, that doesn't really help, maybe phone another jeweller and see what they would quote?
  • roatesroates Posts: 1,478
    I think price differences between the commoner cuts ie brilliant and princess are negligable and also emerald cuts. Stones like ascher (sp?) are less common and therefore more expensive.

    NB.Brilliant has 58 facets and Princess 76, emerald varys around 50-58.

    However, the most inportant factor with regard to price will be the quality of diamonds you get, and you will definately get better then high st in B'ham. You should be requesting colour f/g at least and vs1 clarity whereas most high st jewelers will only use h colour or thereabouts and si clarity.

    Re your price, you will have to factor in a fee for it being 'bespoke', (although they may just order it in). Have you tried a quick web search to compare?

    Hope that helps. Just wondering, is there a reason you went bespoke when your design (from what you described) seems quite readily available? I did too, but couldn't get what I wanted at a reasonable price, i saved 50% on the w-ring and my e-ring would have been about 40-50% more expensive on the high st so you should be making a significant saving if you use b'ham, bear that in mind.
  • Hi contradiction

    I went bespoke as none of the shops in the jewellery quarter had what I wanted - they were all either full eternity or half and mine will prob be a third (basically spanning just slightly more than the length of the three stones in my engagement ring)

    I had had trouble finding what I wanted elsewhere and have since found a couple of rings that I like - but I have already paid the original quoted price up front - which in hindsight was a daft thing to do

    They also said they would shave some off the setiing of my engagement ring so they fir more snuggly together - but ive since started thinking that may not be such a great idea either.

    Beginning to wish Id never bothered going
  • I actually think that price is rather inexpensive. What quality of diamonds are you getting for that price. I would ask the jeweller what you are getting for your money. If you look in most jewellers they are charging a lot more for that style of ring. Have you ever watched the jewellery channel on sky? I think its channel 650. They have lots of diamond wedding bands at great prices. I would consider looking there. They give a 30 day money back guarantee. Go for their Iliana range.
  • JEM77JEM77 Posts: 123
    Clairey, if it is any comfort, I have used 4 C's and have recently had my engagement ring re-set. It was already a 'wed fit' - which basically means the setting sits slightly higher so any w-band fits flush, but the original band was very thin and I changed my mind about it when I saw it with a w-band. They did an absolutely beautiful job and I am thrilled. Also, if you hate the ring when you see it i am sure they will change it for you - at the end of the day they can just melt down the gold and start again so it's no skin off their nose....Try not to worry!!
  • Where's jewellery quarter?

    I wanted the Tiffany Novo full circle eternity ring and wonder if anyone seen anything similar in jewellery quarter? and how much roughly for D/E grade, at least VS clarity. Thanks.

  • roatesroates Posts: 1,478
    Oh claire I don't know what to say! You're obviously upset with them to you should talk to them. You may think you have no leverage having paid but I'm sure they wouldn't see you be so unhappy without offering some amendment. Have you bought h2b's? Maybe they would offer you some discount?

    I really don't think you have over paid by much if at all. -
  • roatesroates Posts: 1,478
    It's in Hockley, B'ham chocdonut.

    Have a look at this for starters?
  • Birmingham is a little far for me but thanks Contradiction.

  • Thought Id give a progress report as Im nearly in tears sat in work over this....great start to the weekend

    Spoke to the jewellers on Monday who said I should take mytime over my decision and they wouldnt do anything till they heard from me - tried to call them every other day this week with no answer.

    Got through today and they are still insisting that by simply changing the cut of the stone in the ring it will cost an extra £182 - with a lesser carat weight. PLUS they are saying they have already started work on the ring which they promised they wouldnt do until i had got back to them - also say they dont do refunds - stupidly paid upfront and didnt even think to question it at the time

    I saw a ring i liked in a jeweller where I work and they quoted me the exact same price regardless of stone cut.

    The original jeweller is als making me a 3mm band as they said my e ring was a 2.5mm which i accepted as they are the experts....just measured it now and its 2mm so really only want a wedding band 2.5mm

    Basicall I am really upset, and what should be a really happy thing has turned into a nightmare. I feel si8ck and even if it did turn out be a nice ring the thought of looking at it and remembering this experience just makes me want to cry....

    rant overimage
  • roatesroates Posts: 1,478
    How did you pay Claire? Not a cheque you could cancel by any chance?
  • roatesroates Posts: 1,478
    Can your h2b get involved? It sounds like they are being awful. Or perhaps you need to go there in person. As you are so emotionally involved I think it would be better if he could step in and tell them what they should be doing?
  • thanks

    have to speak to manager tomorrow, but think might get h2b to do it.

    i know im prob over reacting - but rings is the one thing you really have to be happy with as its there every day forever....but i am over stressed as have been ill and am revising hard so maybe im taking it all too seriously
  • LadyFLadyF Posts: 238
    Hey Clairey Which jewellers was it in jewellery quarter? I hope you get the outcome you want hun, it's horrible to feel stressed and upset when it should be an exciting and happy time, maybe you should remind them of this in the jewellers xx
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