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A way of making sure you save money

Every month H2B and I were taking a set amount of money from each of our accounts and putting it into our joint wedding account as this is where all the money for depsoits was comming from.

The only trouble with that was, when we had run out of money for the month we started to dip into it, or if we didnt want to cook we got money out for a take away and we realised that after all the deposits had gone out there was nothing left as we had managed to dip into it so much that month we hadnt saved any.

mil2b brought us a money pot with wedding fund on it, but it is one where you have to smash it to get the money out. We had decided to take a set amount out of our seperate accounts every month minus £50 which gets put into the wedding account ready for when we need to pay a deposit or buy little bits but the majority gets saved up in the pot, we write who paid what on what date and the amount the put in the joint account in a little book, and then lock it away again untill next month. The only way to get the money out is to smash the pot (so only put in what you can afford) but it means you cant go dipping into it.

After just 3 months we already have more in the pot than we ever had in the account and if we had done this sooner we would have paid for half the wedding already.

Just an idea for anyone who seems to be spending as fast as saving.


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