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Just wondering which photographers you are all using??


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  • I am using Roger Brown. He is based in London but is coming to Norwich to shoot our wedding.

    I havent actually spoken to him myself but my partner really likes him.
  • We are using Oliver Jones, they are based in Cardiff but travel UK wide. Absolutely fantastic reportage style, husband and wife team, so you get two photographers. As a photographer myself this was one of the most important elements to me. Not only that, but they are so lovely I will enjoy them spending our wedding day with us!
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    I'm using Julie Kim

    - she's London based. Her photos are reportage style, quite quirky and fun and imaginative.

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    lrbpie - I love Julie Kim!! I am pretty sure I am going to book her when the time comes....

    Looking forward to seeing your photo's...when are you getting married? x
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    p.s...that is if you are going to share your photo's of course! image
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    Hi Chubbs! Sure, happy to share photos... but I'm not getting married till June 09 so you could have a bit of a wait!

    I came across another bride on this board who had booked her, but can't remember who now... will have a little search i think.

    Anyway, glad to hear you like her stuff! am quite excited to see what she comes up with.

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    Oh that's you!! I remember looking at that slideshow recently and thinking how pleased I was we were having Julie... such great shots! Your dress is amazing, who's it by? And I love the Banksy photos, is that in Islington (since I recognise the Town hall)?

    really glad you were happy with her and nice to know she'd planned stuff beforehand.


  • Can I ask how much you are paying for Julie Kim? She looks fab!!!

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    lrbpie, I can wait! I'm not getting married until May 2010 so my patience is already being tested! image

    zzzzzzzz, I'd love to see the rest of your pictures! Your whole day looked so fab! Was your dress by furstenberg?

    lgibbons - I think Julie starts at around 1800


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  • We're having Rachel Walkden

    Do love the A McQ dress, I did think about going for a designer evening dress instead of a "wedding" dress, especially as we're having a winter wedding.
  • We've booked Really good prices and nice guys too, think they will travel if you need them too...
  • Hmmm - Not sure about this one image
  • Hey, we have just booked our photographer, really great guy, love his photos, you can have a hard back book with a selection of photos at the end - great! His website is
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    Does anyone have any ideas for a north east photographer? (Northumberland)
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    hi lgibbons

    Julie charges £200 per hour for photography plus the images on a disk and on line, she asks for a minimum of 5 hours on Saturdays. So for a Saturday the minimum you'd pay is £1000. This is what we've booked her for, but we might add extra hours later. She does a full day plus album package for about £1750 I think.

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    Bearcub, my photographer covers most of the NE and was fabulous
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Jeff Ascough for me has to be one of the top photographers in the UK (he rates pretty high in world rankings)

    Anyway, his website is -

    Some blurb about him -

    "One of the world's greatest wedding photographers"

    ~ Canon Professional

    "One of the ten best wedding photographers in the world"

    ~ American Photo

    " A master at shooting by available light"

    ~ The Washington Post

    Who ever any bride goes with, the photographer is going to be great, after all you are getting married!

  • I can vouch for Galina Walls because I have seen MrsSweets08 pictures and they are really wonderful.
  • FackersFackers Posts: 1 New bride
    We’re using He’s a South Wales wedding photographer who specialises in weddings... super excited :) 
  • dangzr1dangzr1 Posts: 3 New bride
    I can do your wedding for $1000, all i ask is flight and hotel are booked! 

    my website is or

    I'm from Dallas,Tx. let me know if you have any questions.
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