Wedding favours - In need of some inspiration!

I'm having a real difficulties trying to pick wedding favours and would love to hear all about your plans for favours ladies!

We're geting married in Vegas with around 20 guests and would like to give them something nice especially as they will have made such an affort to be there. If anyone can help me with any ideas or i I'd really appreciate it :\)


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  • HannabelleukHannabelleuk Posts: 1,134
    How much is your budget? As you're in America you could do awards dinner style goodie bags with some high end products and something like a Tiffany Key ring in them.
  • It's a lovely idea Hammabelle but definitely out of budget I'm afraid! I should have mentioned my budget in my first post I was thinking more £20 - £30. I've seen some really pretty vintage looking picture frames and trinket boxes in Monsoon but i'm just not 100%, I'd like something a bit more original.

  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    Hey Las Vegas Bride...

    How about some Casino Chips - you could a few from all of the different casinos and tie them up in little bags?

    Being the sentimental type that I am, I have kept a couple of $ of chips from most of the casinos there, makes me smile every time I look at them!

    Failing that, of course, you could all head off down the strip for some fun with your guests after dinner?


  • IdoIdoIdoIdoIdoIdo Posts: 225

    Take a look at

    They have some really nice things on there - its where ive got my inspiration from!

    on another note how about compact mirrors for the ladies - there are some beautiful ones about, maybe cuff links for the men?

  • HannabelleukHannabelleuk Posts: 1,134
    I have spent about £25 per head on the favours for my guests, so couldn't do the goodie bags myself (fantasy favour world). I have got bottles of liqueur from Vom Fass in Selfridges (in the naked lady and naked man bottles) and manicure sets for the women and travel trivial pursuit for the men. I think the bottles will be kept as great momentoes and the manicure sets/trivial pursuit will be used on occasion.

    A lot of the department stores have their Christmas gifts in at the moment, so it may be worth looking there. I love Snowqueen's idea of casino chips though!
  • Thank you for the replies so far keep them coming!

    Hammabelle, your favours sound fab. Any chance of an invite?!

    I've been searching The White Company (I'm a huge fan) and quite like the idea of these for the women. I was thinking that If I wait till after xmas they'll probably be reduced in the sale.

    SnowQueen100 - I like the idea of the casino chips I could give them to the men I'm sure they would go down a treat!

  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    Oooh LVB - Love the candles...

    Just a thought, but have you seen these?

    What do you think...?

  • SnowQueen, You're a star I love them! They're perfect and Vegas themed too (well sort of)!!

  • Chubbs1ukChubbs1uk Posts: 2,013
    They are so cool Snowqueen!!!

    They are unisex too so saves having to think about the men and the women....LVB - you have to get them, they suit a tasteful LV wedding perfectly!! x
  • Tasteful! Who said anything about a tasteful wedding Chubbs?! lol, I'm joking of course it will (I hope).

    I will definitely be having them, I have even forwarded the link to the girls in the weddings abroad forum. I'm so pleased with them, I think I will only giving them to the men though as couples don't really need two boxes. The women will have The White Company candles.

    Thanks again SnowQueen.

  • Pippa155Pippa155 Posts: 1,144
    No problem at all - they do fit the bill perfectly, and are also possibly the only thing ever to have originated from Tiffany's that actually comes in under budget!

    So pleased to have been able to help! xxx
  • tracyod82tracyod82 Posts: 609
    Hey, my cousin is just home from a vegas wedding and had his reception back here. They had poker chips specially made with their names/date on them, they were really nice keepsake!! xxx
  • Hi LVB

    We went to to wedding in Vegas - MGM - and we had the best and most useful favour from that wedding. Each guest was given a tulle bag containing a gambling chip from the MGM casino! So guests could either have a flutter - or like me cash it in at the bar!! Just an idea to go with the playing cards.

    C xxxx
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