Does anyone else think this way....

Just thinking about the money that we are spending, and I get little knots in my tummy.

We're spending thousands and normally we are quite careful with money. I don't mean we are frugal, we have lovely things but they are well considered and we often hold back on things we want because we don't want to waste money.

Now I feel we are being so frivolous and keep thinking what else all this money could be spent on. It's scary. All the things I could buy my children, lovely places I could take them etc,

Someone tell me its all going to be worth it, and I am not going to regret it!


  • gymmonstergymmonster Posts: 5,522
    yep. gives me butterflies.. just keep thinking so man other people do it, it must be ok?!
  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280
    Well, looking at it logically, the question is whether you and H2b will get more pleasure out of spending the money on item X for your wedding, than you will from spending that amount of money on something else.

    I know that we will get masses of pleasure out of having a pretty venue, nice food and good photographs. We are spending thousands on those bits and I still think I'd rather spend the money on those than on, say, new furniture, holidays, designer clothes, etc.

    However there are other items I know really won't make that much difference to us on our wedding day. Flowers for example, yes I want a few, but I'm really not bothered if there aren't many. I'd rather spend the money elsewhere.

    I think that instead of looking at the total spend, it's important to look at each individual bit and ask yourself "is this worth more to me than (say) a trip with the kids?" If the answer is yes, keep it. If not, ditch it.
  • mazncraigmazncraig Posts: 808
    Hi, yes we do think the same as you. We have managed to save £4000 so far and have another 9 months to go so will keep saving hard! We don't want to get credit or loans to pay for the wedding as we don't believe in that. It does concern me the amount we are spending, but I don't think it is that much compared to some others that are breaking £25! That is just crazy to me for the sake of one day! I agree totally with Irbpie that you have to think about how important things are to you. x
  • nikkig973nikkig973 Posts: 468
    For me personally if i thought too much about how much we are spending we wouldnt do it! We have been together for 12yrs now and we have always had somehthing else to spend our money on but finally we can afford to save and have our wedding day, it maybe just for one day but its the life time of memories that one day creates, and for us personally we would rather have the day we want. We went over budget on our venue but neither of us liked anywhere as much, so we have had to sacrifice other thngs like we're not doing favours and getting bm dresses made to save a bit. So try not to think too much about the overall cost its scary but i think it's worth it!! (But ask me again in 8months time!!!!)
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