Bespoke suit for h2b

Hi ladies

I posted on here a while ago wondering whether the price I had be quoted for a fully bespoke suit was good or not, and you were all very helpfull.

H2B had his second fitting on Thursday and looked gorgeous! He'll almost look as good as me!

The quality was unbelieable and the cut and everything was just how we wanted and fits like a glove. The lining and his shirt even match the ivory colour of my dress!

Just wanted to recommend going bespoke for anyone in two minds. Its definately worth it!


  • Oooh Clairey, do you mind telling me who you went to? H2B is wavering on this so I might try and get him at a weak moment! My email is enabled if you'd prefer to PM me x
  • Hi

    Sorry for late reply.

    Tailor is called Fiona Greene and this is the website
  • My husband also had a suit made and it was amazing! His was made by these people who have shops in Brighton and London.

  • My Husband has his suit made and he was so very pleased. He looked gorgeous on our wedding day (my opinion anyway) Suit was made by Gieves and Hawkes and was approx 800pounds. So worth it though image xx
  • My H2B is going for bespoke suit too but hasn't yet started looking. i have in mind a jet black 3 piece suit with white shirt and plain black tie. I guess it very much depends on fabric but any price idea?
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    My H2B is also having his suit made especially for him.

    Definitely worth the money and it can be his 'special suit' (so he calls it!!) lol

  • Hi chocdonut

    My h2b went for black two button two piece suit with skinny black tie and ivory shirt.

    The suit was £650, shirt £95, tie £25 and £10 hankie, came to just under £800 all in all. There were cheaper options and some for three times the price so there is a big spectrum.

  • thanks clairey01! not bad at all, much cheaper than wedding dresses image
  • Quoted:
    My husband also had a suit made and it was amazing! His was made by these people who have shops in Brighton and London.

    Hi MrsDownie, do you mind me asking how much a bespoke and a made to measure suit costs at gresham blake?

    Thank you!


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  • My husband and best man got suites from "a suite that fits" you can get measured in London or send your measurements, choose the fabrics, style etc

    Their 3 piece suites where £400 each and stunning. So much so my Hubby is planning of getting a few more made.

    Shirt was LM Lewin and silver silk tie from House of Fraser (after the longest search for what I wanted).

  • How long does it take for the suit to be made?
  • Our tailor recommended around 12 to 16 weeks from first consultation to suit actually being delivered.

    That time includes at least three fittings along the way and then a final one

  • How did you find the end result of the suit? 

    Was it fully bespoke or made to measure? My brother recently went down the made to measure route at a tailor in London called Edit Suits -

    He spent around £1000 for the 3 piece [and looked great!] - the budget for our wedding won't quite stretch that far so would be interested in your experience. 
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    My partner wants a bespoke kilt made, which isn't cheap but he intends to keep it forever after the wedding, so it's worth the investment to make sure he looks and feels good. 
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