Wedding Favours??

Hi im getting married in Cyprus but having a 'Do' over here and im stuck on what to have as favours but im on a tight budget. I have Ivory Organza Bags but nothing to put in them. Im not getting married until May and having do in June but the time has gone no where and before i know it it will be here. Any ideas??


  • You could go down the tradional route and put 5 sugared almonds in each? They're failing inexpensive when bought in bulk and they come in a variety of colours too, so you can match them to your theme? We have a tight budget and that's what we're doing for them. If not, some other form of confectionary perhaps?

    Unless you were after small keepsakes, like candles, picture frames, magnets, keyrings, etc?
  • Hey one of my friends got married last year and bought some rose quartz stones as theyl symbolize love - she also put a little piece of card in the bags with the definition of love - simply but lovely and not expensive!!!! x
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    Depending on what you're after, I'm looing at heart shaped candles from Arran Reflections ebay shop, come in several fragrances with smaller two tone hearts in right corner, its around £15 for 20-25 candles, come in various quantities and could be put into your organza bags.

    Otherwise you could do the sugar almond thing (sorry I just don't like them) always think people take them home and then put then in the back of a drawer.

    If its not essential that you use the organza bags, what about printing nice bookmarks using a love poem, and cut them out with shaped craft scissors.

    Hope these suggestions help.

  • i have this amazing recipie for chocolate fudge, which I'm making and putting into my favour bags. It's really easy and fairly cheap to make. And people always love fudge!! if you want it, e mail me on [email protected]
  • Hi

    I am having Breakthrough Breast Cancer badges and phone charms for all the ladies. I made a donation of £1 for each one to the charity in return for them. Benefits a good cause and they are really pretty too.
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    We're giving the men a miniature of Single Malt Whisky and the women a little bag hook that folds up. Not the cheapest favours but nowhere near as expensive as I thought they would be. We're getting the whisky from a wholesale supermarket - mini bar sized. And the bag hooks from this website (I've not seen them on any UK websites so far).

    The 2.30??????? one - around 1.90 GBP
  • I am having miniture sporran keyrings for the men and love heart shaped mirror compacts for the women and love hearts in both to fill them
  • I'd put sweeties and mints in each.

    I like the ideas of picture frames as well.

    .. they could all have a 'theme'.

  • We'll be giving candy Pez dispensers to our guests. We chose two different characters: Hello Kitty! for women and Bruce the Shark for men, plus special Elvis edition Pez dispensers for the mothers of the bride and of the groom! image

    Unusual, funny and not expensive.
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