How much should I budget for this?

I am just trying to work out rough budgets for things and at the moment I am onto make-up. How much do you think it would cost to get someone in to do this for me??


  • Hi, ive been quoted £125. lol so i did a bit of digging and found a local girl who will do it for £50. lucky me
  • £125?!!! Gosh I don't think I could justify that just for make up :O/
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    My make-up is £100 including the trial and I was quoted £40 for hair.

    It all depends where you are, whether you want them to come to you, what brands of make-up they use and how you want your hair. The best thing to do is find someone you like and ask them how much they charge.
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    My make up is £80 including a trial, this was the cheapest I could find and shes really good.

    Its definitely worth looking around, but I don't even like spending this much on makeup!
  • The quotes I received for make-up were £100+ so I have decided that I will do it myself at the moment unless I find someone cheaper! image .x.x.
  • Jeez, £150 for make-up??!! My sister is doing mine for free! I could never justify spending that amount on something that will be washed off at the end of it all!!
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    I was going to buy all the products she used on me at my trial (MAC) but it worked out nearly £300 so it is actually cheaper for me to have her do mine x
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    I'm a qualified Beauty & Holistic therapist. One point to remember is that whoever applies your make-up, the most important thing they need (whether it's YOU or somebody else) is a good set of professional brushes. I've been to trade fairs and bought a reasonable set of brushes in their own case for about £7. The top quality ones will set you back far more for just one single brush - e.g. Bobbi Brown, but a decent job can be done with a cheaper kit in the hands of somebody who knows what they're doing.

    The prices charged by professional make-up artists have to be justified by using top-quality products from expensive brands but high street quality or even budget brands will get a decent result if applied properly with a good set of brushes & applicators.

    Ask a Beauty student from a local college to do you a deal. She'll have good brushes. Have a make-up lesson/practice session first and then decide if you like her methods & style. If you decide you WILL have her do the job on your Big Day, see if she'll also do bridesmaids & bride's mother, groom's mother etc... It doesn't take that long to make a face up correctly if you know what you're doing.

    My Matron of Honour/Best Woman will be doing my make-up after I've given her some tuition in applying make-up! The night before she'll be giving me a lash & brow tint following instructions from me!

    I'm marrying on a budget and carefully planning what I want to get the maximum effect from the minimum cash outlay. It's great for those who can afford an expensive, visiting professional but many of us have to count the pennies!

    Bambagirl x
  • Bambagirl your not near me in Lincolnshire are you lol x
  • I'm planning to ask a friend's daughter who will be in her 2nd year of hair and beauty course...try your local college and see if someone would like to the exerpience. You'll be saving money and also helping someone learn and gain experience. xx
  • i went into boots and spent about £60 quid on make up and am doing it myself hehe.

    I would feel more comfortable that way too i think, i know how i like my make up hehe xx
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    I paid £60 for a hair and make up trial and £75 for hair and make up on the day x
  • Ems2009Ems2009 Posts: 213
    mine is costing £200 which includes trials for me and my mum, plus on the day for me, mum, h2b mum and bridesmaids, they are coming out to the hotel as well
  • We have got a decent sized budget, but so far I have budgeting nothing for this. Blimey I don't think anyone else would know if you had had your make-up done proffessioanlly or not on the day (unless you are not used to applying make up) I am getting a makeover lesson done by my friend (who okay happens to work for Bobbi Brown in Harrods!) and buying a few of the products so I can do it myself on the big day and keep the make-up which you can also take away on honeymoon in a nice new bag!!
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    Bambagirl - I am just curious as to why you are getting someone else to do your make-up for you (I assumed she is less qualified/experience?) when you are a qualfied beauty therapist?

  • Now i'm worried about my budget after reading some of those prices!!

    Mandy your near me who is doing yours? a Girl i know got hers done by Raigmore motel said it was fab x
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    mine about £50 for the day and trial, hope she is good, the make-up for my boudoir shoot was lovely so I was thinking about maybe booking the other woman?

    May enquire as she has fancy yves make-up too and the biggest make-up bag I have EVER seen!
  • i'm paying £60 for my make up. that is for a meeting to find out what look I'm after, a trial and then on the day she'll do my make up in the morning and she'll come along later on to do touch ups or a different look. i'm going for a natural look through the day then a funkier look at night.

  • emmascan101emmascan101 Posts: 1,495
    ive budgeted 150 for both trial and day, i hope its not more then that my hair went up as i reckon itll be easier to have extensions then to grow
  • magzandcraig were are you from im a beauty therapist and also done bridal make up im based in the hertfordshire area so if anyone is interested in make up nails and beauty treament let me knowspecial rates when using this site
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