Personal training

Ive just started going to a personal trainer about 3 weeks ago and its made SUCH a difference to my body already....

Anyone else go to a personal trainer or interested? id DEF recommend!


  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230
    hi, i am a personal trainer and i'm glad to hear yours is going well.

    it is definately well worth it if you want to get fitter, loose weight or tone up.

    it will make your time in the gym 100% worthwhile and each excersise will be effective and push you.

  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484
    I had personal training sessions earlier this year, they were fab and made me so motivated. Sadly i couldn't continue to have them as they were so expensive, hopefully santa might bring me some!
  • AnrielAnriel Posts: 239
    Hmm my personal trainer is defeinitely motivating...he's about 6'3, toned, tanned, dark blonde hair and a cheeky smile...never visited the gym so much in my life!image
  • I had a few sessions a few weeks ago but wasn't really impressed - more to d with the trainer though than personal training as a whole. Have since been attending spinning and circuits classes at the gym (for free) and the results are just the same!
  • higgyuk1higgyuk1 Posts: 1,225
    I so need to get motivated - would love a personal trainer but it is so expensive and I know I can get the same results myself but am just struggling to get myself to the gym of late. This cold weather makes me want to curl up on the sofa instead! xx
  • JetsetukJetsetuk Posts: 173
    Hi girls, I haven't posted on here for a while, now I am a smug married! I have used a personal trainer for a couple of years now and would highly recommend one. Don't be fooled into thinking you can motivate yourself in the same way, you can't. I am a regular gym goer and always have been, I don't need motivation to get my backside to the gym and work out. But my personal trainer gives me regular work out reviews, so I never get stuck in a rut or get bored. He pushes me to lift heavier weights than I would dream of doing myself or just to do a couple more reps when I don't think I can. And believe me, you would never push yourself so hard on the rowing machine without someone encouraging you. When I work out with iain, I can hardly walk when we finish doing interval training on the rower. I admit it can be expensive but if you can't afford it all the time and you want to see a difference in the build up to your big day, just have them once a month and get a new program each time. It will be worth it. And, no I am not a personal trainer! Good luck with everything. J x
  • if anyone lives in north london and needs details of a very good trainer i can email you! he's got a special offer on at the moment!
  • Hey,

    I completely agree that having a personal trainer is fabulous - very motivating!! I am learning SO much - how/what to eat properly, when to eat, what to do re: exercise, when to do it... etc etc ... It is probably the most worthwhile thing I've done for myself!
  • Sounds fab! I've always wanted a personal trainer but I have no idea where to start. Any recommendations for a personal trainer in the SW London/Surrey area?
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