What can we do 2 keep guests from gettin bored durin photos?

I am trying to think of something that we can do to keep the guests entertained while the photos are being taken. I know from the one and only wedding I have been too that I got quite bored at this point as i am sure others guests did.

I want to try and avoid this at our wedding. So if anyone has any good ideas to entertain at this point I would be very grateful to hear them image

P.S We are on a very tight budget so cannot afford anything expensive image xx


  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    nibbles and drinks, go for less formal pics and more reportage through the day?

    We are having a punch for people to drink while pics are taken, but I really want the pics done fast.
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    give them disposable cameras so they can click away too, get an usher, bridesmaid, groomsman to take pics of the guests while the main pics are being taken, will give them all something to do other than stand around.

    Leave guest book out for them?
  • Ceejay85Ceejay85 Posts: 113
    I like that idea NikiKitten about the disposable cameras and getting the BM's to take photos! I wanted to have canapes and stuff but its working out quite expensive atm! and with having an afternoon wedding, hoping people will haven eaten and then have room for a 3couse meal so canapes prob not a good idea anyway!
  • Bear0803Bear0803 Posts: 848
    Hello Maz, I think youre great for thinking of your guests during this time at a wedding, were having croquet on the lawn outside free from the venue so might be worth asking them if they have any facilities or recommendations that other wedding parties have had in the past? we have also hired a saxophonst for £200 to play tunes during the photos so maybe this is an option? It os tricky on a budget so maybe some simple games dotted about on tables? simple dominoes or cards can be easy,portable and get people chatting to other guests. I find silly things like a game of rounders is fun!
  • lucy_lu83lucy_lu83 Posts: 2,484

    Our venue hires out lawn games, i.e. giant jenga, croquet, so I'm hoping those will keep some of the kids/adults entertained for a while, I'm sure there must be a company that you could hire them from if you wanted something like that?
  • MangalitzaMangalitza Posts: 5,871
    feed them! every wedding i have ever been to that hasn't had any nibbles during the drinks reception has ended up with drunk, bored and starving people.

    also, be kind and keep the photos down to an hour max. personally, i find this move to the celebrity photoshoot style of photography very self indulgent. your guests have probably paid a lot to come to your wedding, it's not fair to kepe them hanging around while you pretend your doing a shoot for OK magazine.
  • Give the guest little note books to hand around, listing there favourie 3 songs of all time, gives them something to do and chat about with others. Then have dj play from the lists through reception.

    Print yourself some wordsearchs/Crosswords up, they only need be small, but hand these round with pencils or give so many designated guests, be it the children or bridesmaids & pageboys/ushers a list of quiz questions, asking anything from pop music to history etc, get them to go round asking guests to help, get them to list the name next to the persons answer and give a dft gift to each person on the list with most correct answers. You can even get the bestman, father of bride etc to be the one, to have answers and check them off sometime through day/eves events.

    Make u
  • Jess83ukJess83uk Posts: 402
    You can actually buy giant garden games outright for about £25 each, things like giant twister and even space hoppers.

    You could try and sell them on ebay afterwards.
  • katherine-pkatherine-p Posts: 2,947
    They are grown ups I'm sure they can make polite conversation over a drink for an hour. I'd really cringe if I went to a wedding that had a quiz or party games organised. If you have a lot of children then I'm sure that garden games would be a good idea but if it is mainly adults they will be fine.
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