Westfield Shopping Centre - London ? Any pointers?

Hi Ladies -

I'll post this in Gen Chat - but thought I would post here too.... as you ladies seem to LOVE to shop! image

Has anyone been to Westfield Shopping Centre Yet? I am going this Friday.

Please discuss the Good , The Bad and The Ugly with regards to your shopping experience .

I am taking my mum as a post wedding thank you treat - and thought we could have a champagne lunch ... is there anywhere in the million square acres of the centre where this would be possible?

Their website is not the most useful when it comes to details like this.

Thanking you in advance.

Charley xxx


  • KarolinaWKarolinaW Posts: 1,313
    Get prepared for a bit of a nightmare. It's worst then Oxford st during xmas season. Some shops have queues outside and bouncers on doors, one out one in.

    Otherwise the shops are actually great. Some of them are still not open though. But from H&M to Tiffany they all look beautiful. The centre is divided into two sections. One mainstream/ highstreet and another - called The Village - with expensive shops - even De Breems

    Outside of the centre there are few really nice restaurants. Quite cosy and not that packed as people seem to be going for cheaper options inside (pizza express, nandos, yo sushi etc)

    Don't worry about the crowds, because it's worth seeing it now when it's all still new and with xmas decs on it looks beautiful.

    I think it's a lovely idea to go with your mum. But don't take any more people as you tend to spend most of the time waiting on each other.

    Hopefully Friday will not be that busy, as it was both Staurdays. So enjoy your trip, and let us know your feedback.

    xx K
  • We were there last Saturday and it was heaving, we were only there for about 2 hrs before we left mainly because my little girl would not sit in a buggy and wanted to play hide and seek in the clothes rails but also because it was too busy and we were getting headaches. lol

    There are some wonderful shops in there and it's definitely worth a visit although I'm not sure about the champagne lunch as we didn't eat there.

    Personally, I prefer the West End or Brent Cross but I will definitely visit again after xmas when the novelty has worn off!

    Hope you have a lovely time.

  • Hi ladies - thanks for the feedback.

    I'm prepared for the crowds -even on Friday -and the hustle and bustle. Luckily all presents have been bought- so we are just going to treat ourselves and have a good mooch.

    Will bring back feedback- especially of The Village as I need to see Mr. Choo about dying my wedding shoes. And have some vouchers burning holes in the wedding gift pot.

    Please keep your hints and tips coming. Shopping is like war and you need a good strategy! x
  • Hi Charley,

    I was there last saturday. I got there early, 9.30am and it was virtually empty!! There are plenty of information points where you can pick up a store map and the customer service assistants are really helpful. We left around 11.00 so didn't have lunch, but theres loads of options, you'll be spoilt for choice!
  • KarolinaWKarolinaW Posts: 1,313
    Charleygirl, don't want to dissapoint you but Mr Choo was not open yet this week. You'd better double check. xx K
  • CG, I forgot to mention the best thing about Westfield....Buttercup cupcakes. They were sooooo lovely. I had 2 (hang my head in shame) I couldn't resist!
  • Searcys champagne bar is just outside Tiffany and De Beers in The Village. Not the best champagne bar I have been to and I really dislike the manager there, he's such a smooth talker (and I hate people like that)

    Tibits is great for a light vegetarian lunch just outside the Village.

  • Thanks Brides - hopefully it will be a bit quiet on friday morning too. oooo cupcakes! yummy! That's B'fast sorted then! image

    Poop about Mr. Choo- ah well will just have to see Claudine at the Bond St Branch again.

    And Choc - thank you for the Searcy's tip- and will keep on eye on the slimy manager! ha ha.

    C x
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