Making money on surveys!! Got first payout today!

I have been doing suveys for about 8 months now online with harrispoll and finally got my first payout of £25.00 into my paypal account. I am going to keep going with this as I want silk flowers and hopefully by the time of my wedding (july 2010) I will have made enough on surveys to pay for all the flowers, favour boxes and table centre pieces.

The best ones i have found are:

harrispoll online

one poll

One poll you only get 10p a survey but you get surveys much more frequently and they are much shorter - harrispoll ones are maybe once a week and you can get a £1 for them but they take forever.

Hope this helps any of you budgeters out there.


  • lauzyuklauzyuk Posts: 544
    Hi, im on one poll, so far have made £8, i must get about 4/5 surveys 2/3 days so its not too bad..just hope i reach £40 before my weddin in oct 09! lol x
  • beckyyyxxxbeckyyyxxx Posts: 1,102
    Hey i use onepoll and am currently on £19.55! Nearly at the halfway mark. The £40 payout will be well spent! xx
  • Ive just joined and earnt £3 already wohooooo
  • bets101bets101 Posts: 596
    wow how good is this, i'm signing up for the lot, every little bit helps at the moment!
  • I have just signed up for one poll not sure what i do now do they send me surveys to my email address for me to fill in? also how do i withdaw money wen i get tomy target? where does it go?
  • Yougov uk panel they pay 50p+ for surveys some £2 each also have prize draws
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    One poll u go on every few days and check what surveys are available to u - they don't send u anything out.

  • I can reccomend you gov and have recently had my first £50 payout after joining about 12 weeks ago.

    Tan x
  • these sound brill! just what i need ... lol image xx
  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
    hiya im an avid survey taker try these ones (google the names not sure of website addresses as follow email links)

    juicy brains - made about £20 amazon vouchers

    toluna - bit slower takes a long time but have had £10 hmv voucher

    lightspeed panel - made about £20 in paypal

    valued opinions - best one can be slow but good rewards 50p up to £2.50, made £8 once doing a tv survery everyday for 3 weeks. in total made £40 amazon vouchers!

    It all helps have made enough to buy fair few xmas pressies!!
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    im on a few,mines going towards either hubbys pressie next year or anniversary oressie
  • am going to start avon to get some more money in for the wedding in june
  • sarahkuksarahkuk Posts: 511
    thankyou for pointing me in the direction of these survey sites i have already made £3 in one night im so impressed lol sad i no!!

    x x
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