The Wedding rings

I would really love to have platinum wedding rings, but i know that i just can not afford them in any way so i am happy to go with white gold to match my engagement ring!! however, i do not know how much to spend on the wedding rings!! What is everyone else spending on the wedding rings?

Thank you for you help!!

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  • Hi ,

    i got a platinum band and that was £600 , fiance got a gold band but a lot thicker and that was 400, you can pick up platinum bands from around £300 xxx

    p.s wheere is your venue ? it looks lovely !!! x
  • If your engagement ring is white gold, you really need to go with white gold for your wedding ring, otherwise the platinum will eat at your engagement ring as it is a much harder metal.
  • Hi Lizzie18

    Thank you for the comment about the venue! It is in Bickley which is in Bromley, Kent!! We looked at 4 other places but as soon as we walked into Bickley Manor Hotel, we knew it was the right place without even meeting any of the staff! And once we met the manager that was it, sold!

    I am definately going to stick with the white gold for my wedding band though as like i said before my engagement ring is white gold and i wouldnt want anything to harm it!!

    When are you getting married and where?
  • suziburgersuziburger Posts: 1,312
    we can't afford plattinum too so will go with paladium, it looks the same and it's so much cheaper!
  • We got our wedding rings made in the Jeweller Quarter in Birmingham where there are heaps of options and varying costs. Mine cost 270 and my H2B's was 400. They are white gold in the same style. They are both quite chuncky but his is thicker and larger. We went for the ones we loved instead of the ones we loved the price of. Good luck.
  • My wedding is from Wedding rings direct .Its platinum and a fantastic price. I was toldto have the same metal for both ER and WR as they wont work well with a different metal.
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    we're really stuck on this, we are on a budget for the wedding but h2b loves buying me jewellry (& is very good at it) only problem is he has very expensive tastes!!
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