[color=blue]anyone going to The wedding Ring Shop?

just wondering if anyone has been there, what it's like etc. it's awful but my brother is in the RAF and can get us 20% off so we are considering it but wondering if anyone has anything they can share. we were going to go to hatton gardens to have a look, particularly wanted to make our own rings but this is an option...

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  • Is there not a branch of the wedding ring shop in hatton garden? Sure we passed it when we were up ... Anyway, Hatton Garden is amazing. We just picked up our w rings from there, a shop right at the end 110 Hatton Gardens called Abrahams and Ballard. We got both of our rings for half of what we were going to pay in Tiffany's, and I actually ended up getting more, better quality diamonds, so it was a win win! I would recommend them to anyone.
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