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I am on a very strict budget and I could not believe the cost of pre-printed invitations. Does anybody know if you can get just the blank card and separate inserts you can print yourself to put in the card. Are there any companies that would just do the blank invitations? I thought about having a look in somewhere like Hobbycraft. I have had a look on their website and it appears they have a "wedding" section but as you cannot purchase online, you cannot see exactly what they stock.

Your help would be gratefully received.


  • seems quite good to me, it depends how tight your budget is though.

    Worth a look even just for inserts, also try google shopping resuls.

  • Have you had a look at Ebay, you can get all the bits and bobs to make them yourself off there. You could also get some lovely Invites etc off there for good prices. Studio cards apparently do a great wedding package, just Google studio cards. Also whsmiths do some nice invites instore, off the shelf, some can be seen bought online and theydo free p&p. There's also Argos ro any crafty shop/market in your area.

    Hope this helps a bit. Google or look on Project Wedding for Ideas then buy what you need and remember 'Less is More' so simple is very effective.

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  • Hello, i am on a tight budget too so made my own invites from scratch. I found some packets of silver paper that included envelopes. Printed down the middle of the page in colour print then folded the sides in, punched a shole in both sides of the folds and tied together with matching ribbon. I then dressed them up with some heart shaped large confetti and sparkles. All up this cost me less then 40 pounds including postage. I hope this helps. Cheers.
  • Hi

    Can anyone send me the link for Studio cards as I cant seem to find it on google but may looking in wrong place! Thanks x
  • i paid £6 for 200 ivory card and envelopes from the works. hope it helps.
  • Hi, pre-printed invitations don't have to be expensive. I only paid £1 each for mine and they had the guests names printed inside which looked really nice. I bought mine from\)
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