£2,000 for wedding flowers!!!

I have just recieved my quote 4 flowers £2,000 I'm thinking this is expensive!!!!! Am i being tight? Any ideas to cut costs? image


  • Jubilee77Jubilee77 Posts: 2,213
    I had a £1000 budget and then went to the florist and told them what I had, what i wanted and asked them to help me work within it and she did. she was great i had the perfect flowers and i think i wnet about £10 over budget.

    Decide what your maximum is and then contact a florist who's designs youlike and tell them what you have and ask them if they can work with you.

    I also had large martini glasses filled with pretty coloured pebbles & snad layered and then with water floating candle & rose peatls as a way of keeping the table centre costs down which meant i could have more expensive roses placed other places.

    You really need to think about which floers are the most important and also other ways of decoarting the venue.

    What is the venue like? Does it need extensive floral decoration?
  • ally2009ukally2009uk Posts: 2,020
    I think it also depends on what time of year you're getting married (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day are going to be more expensive for flowers obviously), and from what I understand also on the kind of flowers you want (if they're in season or not).
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