Hi all,

got engaged in may of this year and have had to postpone setting exct wedding date due to h2b being made redundant stupid credit crunch. So of course that hasn't stopped me looking in bridal shops for thee dress and I may have found it it's exactly what I didn't hink I wanted but its beautiful and amazing, only poblem is I know now we wont begetting married untill at least 2011 now, can I really but a dress when I know I'm gonna keep looking anyway.

Most ppl talk about knowing that it's the 1 and I'm 99% sure it is but very nervous about paying out and then changing my mind 600 times over the next 2 years.

Ahh any advice??



  • hey

    i'm sorry to hear about your having to postpone your wedding. we've held off commiting to planning ours for similar reasons, have been engaged nearly six months.

    i think if you know its "the one", then you might regret it if you dont get it. but if you do, thats a big bit of the excitement of planning which you wont have to look forward to. also, if you get a dress now, you'll need to store it safely (away from H2B!) for all this time! and you dont know how your figure might change, or your tastes or anything. i know that i have had so many changes of mind regarding what i like, i wouldnt want to buy anything in case i changed my mind. also, i like having the dress shopping to look forward to.

    perhaps you could leave it to fate - dont buy it for now but if it comes up in a sale or is still available once you've set a date, go for it then.

    all that said, only you know how you feel about the dress, and how likely you are to change your mind...
  • i'd say to you, to avoid temptation! Just think in months to come there'll be loads more dresses out in the shops so you'll likely find one you like more! speaking from experience! i thought i found 'the one' but couldnt afford to do anything about it at the time, so had to push it to the back of mind. 6 months later, i really did find 'the one' and i'm so glad i didn't buy the other one!

    but its completely your decision! would your fiance mind you getting a dress in the circumstances??x
  • ah thanks for the advice guys I like that idea of leaving to fate, means i'm not just indecisive. fiance is so supportive and is happy as long as I am, but i think i'm gonna have to hold off and look forward to lots more dress shopping which lets be honest is 1 of the best bits image


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