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How much is everyone spending on bridesmaid dresses???

Just wondering what the average cost is that everyone is spending on there bridesmaid dresses?


  • Im getting my dresses from Milly Bridal, I have got three bridesmaids and total cost is about £130.

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  • wow bargain!! Is that an internet based company?
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    That's great scooby! I've got 1 big BM and her dress was in the sale from coast so that was about £70. I have 2 flowergirls and am hoping to spend no more than £40 each, or ideally make them myself (I want them to be dressed as little fairies!)
  • I got my 2 for £99 each on special offer in a bridal shop. They had loads of styles on offer though and it wasn't the samples we were buying so I thought that was a good deal!
  • I got my two of ebay a shop owner called michael huan they have arrived and are perfect would highly recomend him x they are made to measure and were £100 including postage for both x
  • Has anyone heard any reviews on They have got cheap wedding dresses not sure out buying them over internet tho.
  • actually my friend got her bridesmaids dresses free from the shop she bought her dress from so I'm going to ask when I buy my dress, at the very least they may give a discount on bridesmaids dresses...
  • be careful when importing from somewhere not in the eu as you will get custom charges if the item is over about £18. you would have to find out tho but i heard lightinthebox are really good. bit slow returnin emails tho lol. was going to get my bm dresses off there but changed my mind because of custom charges

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    I have 6 bridesmaids and paid £160 each for their dresses. I didn't even know I could get dresses cheaper on the net before I ordered them....nevermind!!

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    I got my bridesmaids dresses from a local bridal shop, they are from Romantica. I was having a difficult time finding suitable dresses in my budget cause 1 of the girls is 13 (too old for a flower girl and too young for an adult dress)

    Anyway the adult was £150 and teen £115, alterations about £60 ish each.

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    Im getting my 3 adult and 1 child bridesmaid dresses from Milly Bridal, I've been quoted about £260 for all four. Total bargain as you'd pay that for one in this country. x
  • oooh hadnt thought of custom charges
  • Hi Jen21 - Milly Bridal is an internet based company, there is quite a long thread on the wedding fashion page.

    I really like the Dessy dresses. I got quoted £165 for each dress excluding alterations from a couple of bridal shops.

    Milly will do the exact same dress, colours etc at a fraction of the price. Clearly ordering through the internet is a bit risky but for the price I am paying figured it is definitely worth it and the reviews have been amazing!


  • Customs charges can be up to 30% of the invoice total on the package, broken down as 12% customs duty and VAT at 17.5 or 15% whichever applies now.

    I belive it's hit and miss if you actually get charged, it depends a lot on what's written on the invoice - Bridal shops in the US state contents and full value so you will be hit there. The Chinese manufacturers however I've heard can be quite creative - even putting 'rags' in the description!

    Your Customs charge ususally comes by post a week or two after delivery.

    Be warned though, although the Chinese manufacturers may be doing you a favour by trying to avoid customs charges your insurance will only pay out on the value placed on the invoice if anything goes wrong!

    Personally I think Bridesmaids dresses are vastly overpriced and we are looking to high street shops and China for ours (once my daughter finally makes up her mind how many!).
  • I wish i'd found you guys earlier, i could of saved loads, i got my dresses for £160 each by mori lee (BM collection 951) but meh i bought them back in september and it was nice to wander round shops with my BM's.
  • Hi, just jumping on... I got mine from debenhams for £35 each and have 4 ,
  • Quoted:
    be careful when importing from somewhere not in the eu as you will get custom charges if the item is over about £18. you would have to find out tho but i heard lightinthebox are really good. bit slow returnin emails tho lol. was going to get my bm dresses off there but changed my mind because of custom charges


    I beleive, that the threshold for import duty has been increased to £105 from December (well, I know it is increasing, but believe it takes effect now)

    I think we are getting my sisters bridesmaid dress from Debenhams too - about £70.
  • Mine are £169 plus alterations from Impressions!

  • Hi!

    I'm just having one bridesmaid, and two flower girls, and I've budgeted about £350 to get their outifts, but that's got to include shoes and accessories.

    Been looking at internet, and thinking about Milly/Lightinthebox/Landy for the dresses. Heard great reviews, and the prices are amazing, but still feel it's a bit risky...

    Otherwise, it'll be high street dresses - my bridesmaid likes a Debut at Debenhams dress which will cost about £100, and Monsoon and BHS have lovely Flower Girl dresses for about £40 to £75 each.

    BHS have now got their 2009 preview catalogue on their website and have some nice matching adult and children's dresses.

    I'm just having a small wedding, and couldn't really justify spending more than this on outfits that are only getting worn once.


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    I have 2 bridesmaids and 1flower girl...

    i bought my b/m from my local bridalshop at the cost of 175 and 195 (samantha jayne) which i was pleased with and my flower girl i bought from ebay and it cost 25.00 and its beautiful.....

    i think my costs where pretty good..

  • Quoted:
    Going the milly bridal route as i have 6 bridesmaids so there is no way im paying english prices xx

    Ditto, i have 6 too, and no way i could afford even high street dresses for each of them!
  • I'm having 2 BMs and they're wearing eternity bridal dresses £177 each plus alterations. I'm paying £100 towards each of them and they're making up the difference. I tried to get cheaper dresses within my budget but they wanted the more expensive ones!

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  • I have two BMs and got their dresses from Coast 2 weeks ago. wanted soemthing they could wear again. coast have 30% off this week, so mum took them back and re-bought them. got both for 200. Had budgeted 400 on BM but looks like i'll come in under 300 for everything
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    I bought mine in Monsoon - 30% off...The staff couldn't be better and even went to store room to get dresses not on the floor - which is one of the ones we bought £180.00 but got it from £126.00 - my BM loved it, just have the one so it was great!
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    hi i got mine in a ebay shop(natalie bridal)i got 5 lovley black&white dresses&wraps ,in 5 different sizes!for £350!!!

    i also recived them in 2 days!
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    Has anyone heard any reviews on They have got cheap wedding dresses not sure out buying them over internet tho.

    If you search for 'light in the box' on this site there is a massive thread and people have uploaded pics of their dresses from there. It's mostly positive but there are a few negatives (such as import tax). It's well worth a look though x
  • I got my bridesmaid dresses from Monsoon. they are beautiful and the staff were so friendly and helpful. They went out of their way to help with a very sulky 6 year old flower girl! I paid £210 for three flower girls and £160 for the older bridemsaids. I had budgeted £400 so it left me with some money for accessories, which are also lovely and quite cheap in Monsoon. Saddly mine are never actually going to get worn and are now on e bay as the wedding has been changed (eloping to Gretna Green). But I would highlly recommend Monsoon. dresses for their quality, and pretty detailing. Also the staff are fantastic.

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    I paid £185 for Dessy dresses plus £50 for alterations at a bridal shop. I left it way too late to go down the internet route!

    Flowergirl dress I bought from the internet for £60 from Perfume River- it is beautiful! I would highly recommend.

  • I got mine from Forever Yours and they were £110 each!

    I'm going to get my flowergirls from Milly or Light in the Box tho I think, Unless I can find one thats a bargain - dont want to pay more than £40

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    Mine were £80 each from Debut at Debenhams! But with a gift card we had for our engagement pressie and a discount card we ended up paying about £100 for both! Bargain!! xx
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