How much roughly does a registrar cost


I was sat down last night working out the cost for my wedding and seeing what sort of budget i could stretch to and i have been looking on the internet this morning and it has been no help to me.

How much roughly does it cost for a registrar for a wedding ceremony??

Thanks xx :\?


  • Hi MrsMcCarthy2b

    We are having a civil service at the hotel where our reception is and It cost us £375 for the registrar to come and marry us there, although it would only have co;\):\)st £45 if we got married at the registry office! (but then what we would have saved by doing it that way we would have had to spend on cars to get us to the reception afterwards. ) You also have to pay £30 each to register our intent to marry (I think its the equivalent to reading the banns for a religious ceremony) Hope this helps, when you getting married ? x

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  • If it really does depend on your district, as they can differ greatly.

    If you are looking at getting married in the registray office itself then you'll be looking at £43.50. However we am getting married in Northants and my registrar is costing us £353.50 as we are getting married in a hotel.

    The best thing to do is to ring your local registrar office and enquire, they are all so friendly.

    Hope this helps a little.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the help. Im getting married In Feb 2011 Northampton. Im hoping to get married out in the country side so it will be the £375ish that i have to pay then i guess.

    When are you getting married? xx
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    it depends on what day of the week you want to get married, often whether you are in peak season and also which district. Ours cost £60 to give notice plus £300 for the ceremony
  • hi hun, we are getting married in derbyshire in april 09, and ours cost £30 each to give intention of marriage and then its abot £230 for the registrar to come to our wedding venue.

    Please bear in mind that price will have increased at least twice before your wedding - it goes up with each tax year.

    good luck

  • Ours cost 60 between us to give notice and 313.00 for the actual ceremony, our ceremony was in Essex
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    Ours cost £60 to give notice and then £370 for the registra to come to our venue. It then cost £3 each for the marriage certificate (we could request more then one, which thinking now would have been a good idea as I need to send original copies to change my passport and drivers license)
  • As said previously it is affected by the weekday, ours is £430 as its a sunday.
  • ours is costing £360 for a civil ceremony at a hotel on a saturday. We were told that the price goes up every April with inflation so bear that in mind too - as suggested perhaps give them a call to find out, ours were very helpful and absolutely lovely when we went to do our notice of marriage (£30 each). Our certificates will cost £3.50 each - its a costly business eh??

    Good luck with your planning x
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    Notice £60.00

    Cermony including certificate £120.00

    Thats in Sutton, Surrey.
  • It really does depend on what day you get married and your area.

    We're having a civil ceremony on a friday in 2010 and they said at the moment its £175 but will go up by £10 every April.

    Ring your local registry office and ask them.
  • Hi we r getting married in welingborough on a wednesday in july and it was 30 each to give notice to wed then about 45 for the wedding itself but we have been warned this might go up in April ...
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    does anyone know roughly how much you pay for a church wedding?
  • We are getting married in a hotel in Hertfordshire in October 2013.

    Registrar - ??475

    Certificates x2 - ??8

    Notice of intention to marry - ??35 each

    It's daylight robbery! X
  • I am in hertfordshire and I can honestly say everything about weddings in hertfordshire is daylight robbery regarding weddings. We are trying to have a low budget affair and I actually think it is impossible. Trouble is we really can't go far from home as we have a very disabled but important relative who is not able to travel far.
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    I'm getting married in Kent and it's costing us nearly £700 in total, for giving notice, booking fee, and for the ceremony in the hotel.

    We then also have to pay £4 for a wedding certificate!! Ridiculous!!

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    We are getting married in a register office and the cost is £475.00.

  • I was starting to think our was the most expensive oxfordshire ??35 each to give notice and ??500 for the wedding (its on sunday) x
  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    £475.00 for the wedding ceremony in the register office, and £35 each to give notice and £5 per copy of the certificate - if booked in advance, more ifyou ask for extras on the day!

  • Norwich- giving notice ??35 each, ceremony at registry office on Saturday afternoon ??295 includes one wedding certificate. Extra copies of certificate ??6 each if pre ordered, ??9 afterwards.

    The real stinger is if we wanted to be married at the hotel where our reception is, which is a 90second walk from the registry office, it would be ??495 for the ceremony!
  • Dont get married in Warwickshire the registars dont dress very well  and the photography is restircted .The other day one would not even let me take a photo of the certificate being presented ....price is still £400-500 so go elsewhere .

  • Ours is in a registry office, it is £70 (£35 each) to give notice, and £200 for registrar and ceremony. image

  • We are looking to get married at a Golf and Country Club on 3 Jan 2016 (Beds/Bucks area)... Their local registrar charges £550 for it. £35/person for the notice...BUT venue also charging £500 for the Civil Ceremony... have I read everything right, I hope not

  • We are getting married at the reg office (leeds) its £70 to give notice and £190 for the registrar/ceremony x

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    we are paying £450 for the registrar to come and marry us at our venue in Devon (its a Saturday) and then we have to give notice in our own district which is costing £70 

  • I had to pay £45 to secure the date (more than 1 year in advance), now it's another £70 for me and OH to give our consent to marry and then another £395 for them to come out and marry us!

  • Anyone know how much in would be in Preston, Lancashire? Also do you have to give notice where you live or where you are getting married? ???? all so confusing!

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    Christina16 the above link may be helpful to you, it outlines the fees in Lancashire. I believe you only have to give intent to marry in your district, you have to do it 28 days before, I think you only have to publish banns in both parishes as part of a religious ceremony. 

    Found this on citizens advice....

    You and your partner must give notice of marriage in your local Register Office, whether or not you wish to marry in that district. The Superintendent Registrar, or Registrar in Northern Ireland, then issues authority for the marriage and you may marry in any Register Office or local authority approved premises in any district.

    In England and Wales, 28 days notice must be given to the Register Office before the marriage can take place. Both partners must be resident for seven days in England or Wales before notice is given. A notice must state where the marriage is to take place. There is a fee for giving notice.

  • That's brilliant thank you so much ???? x

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