Restaurants in Vegas

As I'm sure some of you are aware we are getting married in Vegas. Our ceremony is being held outdoors in a courtyard at The Wynn.

We are looking for a nice restaurant for our reception which seems to be a lot harder than it sounds. Ideally we would like to sit outside and would like a restaurant within close proximty to The Wynn as my mum has MS and can not walk very far. Our ceremony is at 7.30pm, by the time we've finished with photographs and are ready to sit down it will be 8.30- 9pm so I really don't want to be dragging our starving guests to the other end of the strip!! Then again, If it was really fab maybe we could!

We are currently looking at Tableau in The Wynn and Botero at Encore but we can't sit outside with either.

If you have any other suggestions I'd appreciate it.



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    Hey LVB - hope you are well?

    I can't really help you there I'm afraid, I know of some lovely restaurants, but they are all either indoors, or at the other end of the strip.

    I was just going to say, I am actually off to Vegas myself for Valentine's day, so if you wanted me to do a recce/take some pics for you, I'd be more than happy to do so...

    If you let me know a kind of 'short list' I'd be happy to check them out for you and report back x
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    Hi LVB, I'm certain that there are a few restuarants in the wynn with outdoor dining. I think the SW has and and bertolotti (SP)! The SW is fab gorgeous food and service.

    My fav restaurant in Vegas is Prime at the Bellagio and you can have drinks and dessert on the terrace over looking the fountains. It was amazing.

    SQ, you lucky devil! where are you staying?
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    Not sure where the Wynn is, as it wasn't there last time we went but can highly recomend the tables outside over the fountains at Olives, Bellagio, and also the Verandah restaurant inside Four Seasons Hotel at Mandalay. Both fantastic xx
  • SnowQueen - That is so sweet of you to offer thank you! I will definitely take you up on your offer!! Thanks again.

    B2B - Ww looked at SW and Bertolotti but I wasn't very keen on the menu, I'm a really funny eater and prefer plainer food, this is part of the reason I'm having troubles! I will definitely look at again Prime as I like the idea of the terrace over the fountains.

    Thanks Higgy, I haven't heard of the Verandeh restaurant so I will look it up now.

    I will keep you updated.


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    My favourite restaurant is Picasso at the Bellagio.


  • You can sit outside at Olives at the Bellagio which is yummy!
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    Oh, its such a chore LVB, checking out all the lovely restaurants! I suppose you are going to want me to sample the cocktail menus too, (strictly for research purposes, of course) *sigh*

    I'm not sure where we will be staying yet, TheHOTEL @ Mandalay Bay is (well, was) definitely my favourite Vegas Hotel. I understand that Encore has now opened, so might give that a try this time.

    This is going to sound really weird, but I have a massive issue with the squidgy beds that all the US hotels seem to have - I'd sleep on a plank of wood given the choice. Whenever we are planning a trip to the US, I have to call the hotel and enquire after the sponginess (or otherwise) of the mattress before we book - I'm sure they all think I am nuts!

    Anyway, let me know where you are thinking of, and I'll check it out...

    PS. Its not outdoors, and it's rather more 'intime' but you and your Husband should definitely check out Joel Roubechon at the MGM Grand. It has 3 Michelin Stars (I think it is the only one in Vegas) and is really quite special...x
  • I meant to say that my friends got married at the Wynn in October and it was beautiful. Great choice we had a great time.
  • Oooh so many choices!! I'm meant to be doing the Cambridge Diet, looking at all these menu's and wedding cake designs is torture!! lol

    Legalbeagle - I'm pleased to hear a good report on a wedding at The Wynn. I found choosing a venue harder than choosing a dress! I couldn't decide (h2b wasn't fussed) on The Four Seasons or The Wynn, the location did it in the the end.

    SQ - I don't think you're nuts ok, maybe just a little! I've never heard of that one or never heard anyone admit it anyway!

    We're staying in the tower suites at Encore you can give me the low down on it when you get back. Cocktail sampling is a must your research will not be complete without it! I looked up Joel Robuchon and it looks beautiful. If we get a night with just the two of us and we can get grandma/nanny to babysit for the evening we will go.

    I will narrow it down to two and let you know ; )


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    One of the best meals I've ever had was at Aquaknox at the Venetian but that's indoors. I don't know of any good restaurants with terraces off the top of my head but I'm in Vegas from 3rd Feb so I'll take notes!
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    I'm actually getting married at the Wynn in May this year and we have book the Daniel Boulud Brasserie for our meal afterwards, its a lovely restaurant that over looks the lake of dreams and has an out door terrace. How many people have you got going? We have booked their private dining room over looking the lake and you pay a minimum food and beverage amount to hire it and then everyones meals and wine are then paid for. Its an expensive way of doing it but a beautiful room, I have pics of it if you want (went out there is Sept). I am dealing with the events manager who sorts everything out.

    I personally would try to have your meal in the Wynn or Encore, then you don't have to move your guests anywhere.

    SW Steakhouse, Alex, Bartellio are nice as well.

    What date you getting married?
  • Thanks for the reply, I'd love to see some pictures if you don't mind! We're finding it really hard as neither myself or John have been to Vegas before.

    I would actually prefer to pre-pay for the meal and wine. Does it include unlimited drinks? was in contcat with an events manager there a few weeks back but I found her really slow and very unhelpful!

    We're getting married June 18th and are expecting to have 15-20 guests. We sent out save the date cards last summer butthe official invitations don't go out till next month so until then we wont know for sure. What about you?

    Do you have any recommendations for a good bakery? We've decided to have cupcakes to save wasting half a cake but I can't find what I'm looking for anywhere!


  • I would highly recommend The Picasso in the Bellagio. It is an absolutely gorgeous restaurant, and I'm pretty sure it has an outside area. The view of the fountains from there is amazing!! x
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    If the number stays at 15-20 it may be worth just making a booking at a restaurant instead of booking a private dining room as it probably wouldn't work out cost effective, but if you have 25-30 it is. The price includes food, drink, tax and graturity up to the minimum and then if you order more on the day you would pay more.

    Daniel Boulud is lovely and I'm sure the terrace would fit a good size table for a party of 15-20, if not The Country club is gourgeous and it over looks the golf course out the back, they have a balcony and I'm sure you could fit a big booking on this as well. I have photos of both locations as we debated on both, shall I email them to you, whats your email address?

    I'm getting married on 26th May.

    Not sure about Bakery but if you arrange a private room they sort the cake out for you too, there is a gourgeous cake shop in the Wynn and there is a fantastic cake maker in the Bellagio, the cakes are unbelievable!

    Just let me know if you have any other questions as I have been researching everything! image
  • Iloveshoes - Thanks for the recommendation for Picaso. I have looked at it already. it's on my list but I decided against it but I can't remember why!!

    Baby Frog - Vegas brides are few and far between on here! At last I 've found someone who is getting married at The Wynn. Lia in events suggested a private dining room but I really had my heart seton alfresco dining especially our ceremony is outside. I was told in events I had to book through them and would have a set menu because it was party over 10. We've budgeted about $200 pp plus taxes and I'm hoping this will be sufficient. fingers crossed!!

    I'm going to check out the cake shop in the Bellagio on-line now.

    How is the rest of the planning going?

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    I have sent a couple of emails through with some photos on of the Daniel Boulud Brasserie and The Country club. I have some pictures of the wedding salons and the court yard if you want to have a look?

    Yeah planning is going really well,we have 32 coming out with us so I want to make sure everything is sorted! I can't wait now!!I

    I have been dealing with Lia and I have found she was really helpful, I met with her in Sept to look at all the restaurants. The more you have the more cost effective a private dining becomes.

  • Hey Vegas Brides!!

    Ooh all of the plans sound Great and the Wynn looks very special! Were goin on our honeymoon to Vegas staying at the Mirage getting married on the 22nd august, can i ask does anyone know what the prices are like for eating out??

    not sure how much spendo we need??

    We looked at the Wynn and the four seasons both looked beautiful. Has anyone got any pictures of Vegas??

    x x x
  • Any pics you have feel free to email them all through ; ) Are you getting married in the courtyard too? Unfortunately, one of h2b's friends is getting married the week before in Jamaica (we had no idea until we sent out our save the date cards) so a few of his friends had already planned to go there, never mind. 32 tthough is a great turm out!

    Mrs warren 2b - I have never been but I have been told there are restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes so I'm sure you will eat really well!! lol. As for spending money I'n not really sure I think it depends on how much shopping you want to do. With the exchange rate as bad as it is I doubt not a lot!

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    Hiya, will send through some more photos tonight as I haven't got a clue how to load them onto here!

    32 is a great turn out, but could go up to 40! I can't believe it but there are a lot of family friends that have always wanted to go so they are using this a an opportuntiy!

    We are getting married inside in one of the rooms, but the court yard is lovely, really peaceful considering its right on the strip!

    With regards to spending money, even though the dollar rate is low, you can eat very cheaply or as expensive as you want. There is some fantastic buffets out there for $15-30 each and you get some amazing food in these, from lobster to roast dinners! The Top of the World restaurant at the top of the stratosphere is a must, the views are incredible, just don't pay too much attention to the casino when you walk through as it isn't that great!

    Mrs Warren2 be, the mirage is lovely, we stayed there in Sept, there are some good restaurants in there, Stack and a great Burger restaurant that sells the best ever!

    God I could talk all day about Vegas image
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    Hi ladies, sorry to crash your thread but thanks for all the restaurant tips, we are going to Vegas as the first part of our honeymoon in august and have never been before so this is all very helpful, what will the weather be like in August by the way? x
  • Hi Lola, How are you? How are the wedding plans coming along? It will be absoloutly scorching in August!! I think it''s about 110 in June. Where are you staying in Vegas? x
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    Oh yikes! Staying at the Wynn, I can't wait, we are having 4 nights there then flying to Hawaii and then back to Vegas for another night before getting the flight home.

    I want to book a different hotel for the last night, any recommendations, how long are you staying in Vegas for after your wedding?

    The plans are going ok, got BM shopping and Florist appointment on saturday so hopefully that will be two more jobs off of the long long list!

    Are you getting excited/nervous? How have you found it booking a wedding not being in that country? xx
  • our favorite reataurant in vegas in Lawry's. its amazing, you have your own personal waitress who tosses your salad, cooks your dinner at your table etc. its just fab.

  • Hawaii?! I'm so jealous! Not the ideal place though to take a 3 year old, oh well I'll have to wait till she's older. We're in Vegas for 5 nights and then fly to Florida for 14 nights. We're spending a few days in Disney and then off to the coast.

    I've been recommended a few hotels. The Four Seasons looks beautiful although quite far from the strip. TheHotel at Mandalay Bay and The Signature at the MGM also looks good.

    I wrote a list last night of my 'things to do' I still have so much to organise : ( The hardest part so far was choosing the right hotel for the ceremony and a restaurant for meal afterwards. We have to use their in house florists and photgraphers. I've been told I'll be liaising with them about 6 weeks for the big day via phone and email, they've simply told me to look for ideas and photographs. The only problem is they are hideously expensive, but we have no choice. I'm currently looking for a cake maker but I'll speak to the wedding planner in the hotel for some recommendations as I did with the muscians. Everything else is done over here.

    I'm really excited for the big day but in all honesty I'm bored of the planning now it seems to have taken over my life!! I think the whole idea of the wedding has started to take over what is actually important.- h2b of course.

    Do you have any BM dresses in mind? Show some pics! Are your invitations sorted yet?


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    Yes they are sorted, I have told Kristy to send me the proof now, even though she made one of the changes wrong but to be honest I can't be doing with waiting another week for another online sample...

    Yes Hawaii should be great but i've just read some bad reviews about the hotel I was planning to book so maybe back to the drawing board.

    We are a bit like that with our venue, have to use their caterers etc but luckily we really like the guy and his food was great at the tasting. I'll have a look at the hotels thanks.

    I love florida, it's my favourite place, where are you going to on the coast. Ahh the little one will love Disney. Don't get to stressed with the planning, your day will be fabulous! xxx
  • Hey Lola09,

    Were going to Vegas for the first week of our honeymoon then onto Hawaii in august, were staying at the mirage in Vegas and the Hilton Hawaiin village

    hope its good it certainly looks it!! x x
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